Jade Cargill Says AEW Women’s Roster Needs Time To Shine

jade Cargill holding up AEW TBS title

Jade Cargill has opened up about how she thinks that the AEW women’s division needs more time to show what they can do in the ring.

As the AEW TBS Champion, Jade Cargill holds what is perceived as the company’s second most important women’s title since the AEW Women’s Title was created first.

Cargill has been dominant as the TBS Champion she moved to 41-0 in her AEW career on the November 2nd episode of Dynamite.

While Cargill has been very impressive during her AEW career, a lot of fans of the company are frustrated that the women’s division only gets one match on every Dynamite and Rampage episode. They almost never get two matches although there are some promo segments as well as backstage interviews.

During an interview with Steve Fall on Ten Count, Cargill was asked about AEW potentially running an all-women’s show in the future.

“That would be great if we could. I know for a fact that the women in the locker room, all of them could give five-star matches, we just need the time to do it and the time to shine. We have a very talented roster of ladies. It’s just, we have one match a show and we’re trying to do the best to perform and maximize the minutes we’re given.”

The woman with the “Jaded” finishing move added that she was certain it would be a stellar show.

“The matchups, the faces that haven’t been on Rampage or Dynamite in many months, it would be a stellar show. I’m very certain of that. Especially with not having to worry about fighting for positions or anything, just an all-women’s show and everyone has time.”

When Cargill was asked about women only having one match on episodes of AEW TV shows, Cargill talked about how it was important to prove they deserve more time.

“I’m new to the industry, so I’m going to step back and watch how things are going. I haven’t worked in other industries. We’re going to keep maximizing the time we have and kill it and prove that we are worthy for more time.”

H/T Fightful