White Rabbit: WWE On-Air Personality Becomes First To Acknowledge Mystery

White Rabbit

It’s been happening for weeks now at Raw and Smackdown, it’s even been happening at house shows, and now nearly the entire WWE Universe is obsessed with the “White Rabbit” mystery and trying to find out what exactly it means.

It originally started happening during TV commercials breaks and in between matches at house shows, where the psychedelic classic “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane blasted in arenas, followed by red lights adding to the strange aura.

Then on actual episodes of WWE TV shows, QR codes started to appear, leading us down a “rabbit hole” of clues and hidden secrets of what “White Rabbit” could mean and who could be behind it. The latest QR code has led us to the next episode of Smackdown in Winnipeg.

Despite what’s coming from WWE and the massive speculation that’s been swirling around from fans and journalists, nobody from WWE television has said a single thing about the mystery.

That is, until now.

Recently on “The Bump,” Matt Camp would officially become the first person from WWE TV to address the “White Rabbit” situation.

“Let me address – not the elephant in the room – but the rabbit in the arenas, or wherever it may be.”

Camp would quickly detail the clues of the “White Rabbit” mystery before playing last Monday’s Raw clue.

Even though Camp was the first on-air personality to say something about “White Rabbit,” he wasn’t the last to speak about the mystery, with his co-host Kayla Braxton also chiming in. Braxton is also an on-air personality for WWE Smackdown.

“I don’t want to know what’s going [on]. I love things like this because I feel like a fan… I’m going to [be] just as surprised and excited as people watching at home.”

Nothing has become official as of yet on who could be behind the “White Rabbit” mystery or what it all could mean, however, the return of Bray Wyatt is the heavy favorite to most fans.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.