DDP Explains Who Should’ve Ended The Undertaker’s Streak

The Undertaker WrestleMania 30

WWE Hall of Famer DDP has explained who he thinks should have ended the legendary WrestleMania Streak of The Undertaker.

The legendary WrestleMania Streak of The Undertaker is likely to be unsurpassed in WWE with The Deadman beating 21 straight opponents without tasting defeat on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

At WrestleMania 30 in 2014, however, that Streak came crashing to a halt at the hand of Brock Lesnar as The Conqueror became the one in 21-1. The Undertaker continued to compete at WrestleMania and he ended his iconic 30-year career with an all-time WrestleMania record of 25–2 – his other loss coming at the hands of Roman Reigns.

Speaking on his DDP Snake Pit podcast, former WCW Champion DDP gave his thoughts on who should have been the man to end The Streak:

“I always thought Bray [Wyatt] should have beat Taker, and he becomes the next Taker. Take could only go so long. Who’s going to get that next spot? And I always thought it was him. I talked about it for years. Why would Brock beat him? Brock didn’t need to beat him. If Bray beat him, and I just think a lot of how they handled Bray was really good in the beginning before, but then it sort of lost it and got a little tarnished.”

“Then they brought him back with that new style of character. And I thought, okay, where’s he going with this? And it just went and fizzled out. And they let him go, and I was like, oh, my God, how soon before Tony [Khan] goes and picks him up?”

Tony Khan didn’t pick him up however and Bray Wyatt returned to WWE at the end of the Extreme Rules event. Wyatt was the first man The Undertaker defeated at WrestleMania after his Streak ended when the two men clashed at WrestleMania 31.

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