Dax Harwood On His Very Public Support For Sasha Banks

Dax Harwood of FTR wearing a black entrance jacket and pointing

Dax Harwood has lifted the lid on why he has made such a public showing of support for Sasha Banks.

A storm started when Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of Monday Night Raw despite being advertised to compete. It has also been reported that they handed their Women’s Tag Team Championships to John Laurinaitis before leaving the building.

The duo have since been indefinitely suspended by WWE and stripped of the titles. Although many have understandably stayed quiet on the issue, Dax Harwood gave a very public show of his support for ‘The Boss’.

The day after the incident, Dax Harwood put a post on social media with a photo of himself, Sasha Banks and Cash Wheeler.

Always, always, ALWAYS stand up for what you believe in. F*cking ALWAYS!!!

In an interview with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Dax Harwood has explained why his support was so public.

Cash and I did the same thing and a lot of fans for some reason had decided that we were crybabies and we whined and we should have just done our job and shut up. And that’s hard to read every single day, especially when all we’re trying to do is make wrestling better, make tag team wrestling better, but also to make ourselves better and make our legacy even better.

If I would have just stuck around and stayed in the same position that we were in there’s no way our brand would’ve grown. So I know exactly what she’s going through, what she’s feeling. And she probably was feeling that ‘I don’t feel respected and I could be doing way more and if I continue to stick around I’m going to continue to get pushed to the side.’

And it’s in the contract, just like we are and we still are. We have the option to find other work. And for fans to sh*t on her, or sh*t on us, because we want better for ourselves and tell us just to shut up and take the money, man that’s hard to read every day so that’s why I wanted to show that support to her.

Although not confirmed either by WWE or Sasha Banks herself, there have been a number of reports that she has been released from her contract.