Drew McIntyre Channels Eminem For Fresh Shot At CM Punk

Drew McIntyre WWE

Drew McIntyre is fed up with CM Punk.

Following a two-week spell where Kendrick Lamar turned hating into an art form and Hip Hop beef dominated the internet, Drew McIntyre has decided to take his own inspiration from a rap legend.

Since CM Punk returned to WWE back in November, McIntyre has made it his personal mission to make him as miserable as possible. During Punk’s only on-screen match to date, he got injured while clashing with McIntyre, and the pair have been trading shots ever since.

In fact, it was after an exchange of words at WrestleMania that Punk attacked McIntyre, paving the way for Damian Priest to win the World Heavyweight Title.

In a new post on social media, McIntyre turned to Eminem for inspiration listening to “Stan” while he got “back in the lab.” As the song plays, McIntyre is shown writing on a piece of paper, before leaving the simple message, “CM Punk is a bitch!”

Drew McIntyre And CM Punk Heading For Clash In The Castle Showdown

Ahead of Raw, Drew McIntyre was pulled from the King of the Ring tournament due to an injury but he still managed to have an eventful evening.

The Scottish star stormed away from the arena in a car just as CM Punk pulled up to the show. Punk marched straight to the ring and vowed that he wasn’t leaving until McIntyre returned and revealed he’d be in Glasgow, Scotland for Clash at the Castle in June.