Skye Blue Breaks Silence Following Harassment Incident

Skye Blue makes her entrance

Skye Blue has sent out a thank you to fans.

During the May 8th Ring of Honor taping a fan was removed from the front row after “making sexually-charged and harassing comments” towards Skye Blue.

The fan made repeated comments towards Blue during her match with Rachael Ellering before she eventually told him to “f*ck off.” As the abuse continued, referee Aubrey Edwards called on security to get involved, and the fan — who was with a young child, was removed.

During Dynamite earlier in the night Saraya pointed to a group in the front row while on camera calling them “creeps.” It’s believed that one of the people Saraya was pointing at was the man who was later ejected.

Skye Blue Thanks Fans

In a new post on social media, Skye Blue thanked fans for their support and called on people to make sure future generations of female wrestlers don’t have to deal with the same issues.

I’m beyond overwhelmed with all the love and support. Thank you everyone you have no idea how much it’s appreciated 💙

Let’s make sure the future generations of women wrestlers don’t have to deal with this shit.

In her own post about the incident, Aubrey Edwards wrote that there’s no room for “disgusting, vile, and hateful” language in wrestling. Blue’s opponent Rachael Ellering commented that she’d “NEVER in my career heard such vulgar things being said to talent during a match.” The star added; “sexual harassment is not heckling.”