Dark Side Of The Ring Reportedly To Return

Dark Side Of The Ring Logo

It looks like Dark Side Of The Ring is coming back for another season according to a new report with one of the topics featured possibly revealed.

Dark Side Of The Ring is a Vice series that looks at the murkier side of the pro wrestling world. Previous topics covered in the show’s first three series include Chris Benoit, the death of Owen Hart, and the murder of Bruiser Brody.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that he has heard interviews have already taken place for season 4 of the show and suggested that frequent series contributor Jim Cornette may have turned down the opportunity to appear in an episode focused on WWE Hall of Famer, Kane:

“So I know people who have been interviewed already so there’s going to be a season. I do not know any of the topics as of this moment. Although I did – I should take that back – I believe that there gonna do something on Kane because I heard that – I don’t know if this is correct – but I heard Jim Cornette was asked to do that one and he turned it down for political reasons. I don’t know, I could see that happening but I don’t know 100%, I’ve heard that third-hand. He probably talked about it but I don’t know what he talks about these days so who knows?”

“There may be something on Glenn Jacobs, other topics I don’t know yet, don’t know how many new episodes but it’s something that’s not too many months away I’d guess. We kinda knew for a long time it was going to happen but I guess I can say it’s – interviews are being done but it’s not been officially announced.”

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