Colt Cabana Responds To CM Punk’s Controversial Comments

colt cabana cm punk

Ever since CM Punk’s media scrum after AEW All Out, and all of the other backstage issues for that matter that have happened over the months, Colt Cabana hasn’t been heard from at all regarding any of the matters.

However, that all changed on Cabana’s Twitch recently, with the wrestler making a comment about Punk without actually mentioning his name.

“That’s a fun little tidbit. My brother is the director of Family Guy. Look up his name. He also shares a bank account with my mother.”

After AEW All Out, CM Punk would talk to the press and take shots at Cabana for sharing a bank account with his mom. To many fans and critics alike, the comment was confusing and unnecessary, this because a lot of adults choose to share bank accounts with their parents in order to help take care of them in their older years.

As far as Cabana, all he did was double down, and he’s also telling the truth about his brother.

After a fact check, it has been confirmed that Colt’s brother, who goes by the name of Greg Colton, is actually involved with the television show “Family Guy,” directing several episodes. Colton has also written for popular shows such as “The Powerpuff Girls,” “Invader Zim” and “¡Mucha Lucha!.”

It also gets better for Colt Cabana’s brother, and Cabana’s argument. In 2010, Colton would take home the Emmy Award for “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation,” and this for his work in the “Family Guy” episode “Road to the Multiverse,” where he would storyboard It’s A Wonderful Day for Pie.