CJ Perry Addresses Potential WWE Return Or AEW Debut

CJ Perry

Could CJ Perry soon make a return to WWE? What about a debut in AEW? She recently addressed her situation.

Formerly under the ring name of Lana in World Wrestling Entertainment, it’s been almost 17 months since the last time that Perry was in the squared circle. While inactive in professional wrestling, Perry has been involved with modeling and also appearing on podcasts. Not just that, but she was also a “The Surreal Life” participant on VH1, appearing with the likes of Dennis Rodman and Frankie Muniz.

The former Lana has made it clear that she can mix the world of professional wrestling and pop culture, however, the professional wrestling part might not ever be involved with CJ Perry’s future resume, thought the interest is still there.

Recently making an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Busted Open,” CJ Perry did say that she would most likely want to make an eventual comeback to wrestling, and when it does happen, she was asked about whether she would prefer AEW or going back to WWE. Her husband, Miro, is currently sig

“I feel I would love to [go to] AEW because the hardcore fans watch AEW. It’s not all the commercial fans that’s the casual fan, and, of course, to be with my husband. There’s so many people over there that I love and miss; if it’s Renee, Paige, Goldust.

And to experience a different promotion, for sure [would be interesting], but WWE, I mean, I love the storytelling when it comes to the soap opera part, which, I feel AEW really focuses more on the wrestling, and the matches, and the sports part of it all while WWE focuses on the sports part, on the wrestling, and then also the soap opera stories that entertain that.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.