Booker T Responds To Body-Shaming Criticism

Booker T cuts a promo

Following criticism for comments made towards Adam Cole, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T has clarified his stance on the AEW star.

Appearing on the Reality of Wrestling Podcast, Booker T spoke of how Adam Cole needs to put some weight on as this may be one of the causes for him getting injured. The comments led many to feel that he was body-shaming the former NXT Triple Crown Champion.

If Adam Cole has to have surgery and he’s down for six, nine months and he, you know, lose any more muscle, it’s going to be hard on this brother, You know what I’m saying? Right now, he’s about a buck 60…

We gotta get more weight on Adam Cole, you know what I mean? That’s his problem, he’s light, bottom light. We gotta get some muscle on this kid. That’s probably one of the reasons why he’s going out there, getting hurt because it can’t be the schedule at AEW.

With social media backlash towards the former five- time WCW Champion, Booker T has now responded to the criticism, seemingly claiming that his suggestion was to try and help and that he was only doing so because he likes Cole.

People want to make it seem like I’m hating on an AEW guy – I’m not. If I didn’t like Adam Cole, I wouldn’t be saying that we need to get some muscle on him. I’d be saying a whole lot worse than that.

Booker T has certainly had other positive comments to make about AEW stars, including saying that one of their current champions has the potential to become one of the greatest of all time.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.