Big E Comments on When He Knew WWE Was Splitting Up The New Day, Why He’s Glad There Was No Turn, More

Here are some interview highlights of WWE Smackdown superstar Big E talking to Fox Sports about the breakup of The New Day, his singles run on Smackdown and more.

Big E on when he found out New Day would be split up in the WWE Draft earlier this month:

“We probably got two days in advance. Which, I think a lot of it was to ensure that we didn’t show up to work and if we heard the news then, I assume that people just imagine that we would be tearing up the halls, knocking down doors, crying in public, just fits of rage. So I feel like they decided, let’s give ’em a couple of days to simmer down at home before we had to actually do this on TV.”

Big E commented on the bond that he had with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods as The New Day group while adding that he was glad there was not a split because of somebody turned on the others:

“I’m glad that it wasn’t one of us taking a steel chair to the other. I’m glad there was no permanent split. We got to do something that I think was emotional, but was unique in that I can’t think of another time we got to see a faction that had as much staying power split up in the way that we did. In a way, that’s loving.”

“I love that we get an opportunity to portray brotherhood in a very genuine sense in a wrestling faction. You never see that! It’s always about someone trying to one up the other, or this crabs in a bucket mentality, and I think we had almost from the beginning a very real chemistry and connection.”

“It was very clear from the beginning that this works, and our bond only grew over time. It can be so easy for guys to turn on each other, in a real sense. Or to get annoyed by the other or just be done with the faction, and we never got to that point.”

When asked about possibly getting new theme music, Big E didn’t seem to know the answer to that although he did mention new gear in the ring:

“New theme music, possibly. Possibly. But, you’ll know when you hear it. Or you won’t know when you don’t hear it.”

“As far as gear is concerned, I think that’s something I’ve thought about, we’ve talked about, and we’ll see. There will be some change, I’m sure, at some point. I’ve always thought about ways to adapt my gear, just over time, just to do something different. Even when we were together.”

Big E had a Falls Count Anywhere match with Sheamus on Smackdown two weeks ago with Big E winning after slamming Sheamus on a car. When asked about the match, Big E had a lot of praise for Sheamus:

“That’s kind of the beauty of Sheamus, as much as he’s been stuck in our craw the last several years, he’s one of those guys who will bring it. So I have a different kind of match with a Sheamus than I would with a lot of other people. Because he’s going to hit me as hard as he can and I’m gonna hit him as hard as I can, and as hard as I want to, and I’m gonna enjoy it. I was proud of what we did.”

“It was a lot of fun. It just had a level of physicality and brutality. It would have been cool to have a bit more time on that, or to not have a commercial break interrupt that, but I thought for what we were allotted it worked and I was pleased with the outcome.”

Big E also spoke about being more serious and how he welcomes that:

“I’ve been in situations where I had to be angry and intense. This is not new to me. I wasn’t born a goof. I haven’t been a goof all thirty-four years. There have been times where I needed to be serious. So that’s an element of myself that I’ve never lost. It’s still there. I guess after six years of nonsense and doing splits, I guess I deserve some of that.”

They covered a lot more in the interview including Big E talking about other wrestlers on Smackdown he wants to face and plenty more, so check it out at FoxSports now.