AEW And WWE Reportedly Preparing Live Show Contingency Plans

WWE WrestleMania 37

WWE and AEW are both reportedly putting together “worst-case scenario” contingency plans as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise across the United States.

The shows causing most concern are WWE SummerSlam on August 21st and a run of shows AEW have planned in New York and Chicago. This includes an episode of Rampage at the United Center and AEW All Out.

Writing in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer notes that both companies are working on back-up plans should the worst happen.

“On the flip side, both WWE and AEW are making contingency plans based on worst-case scenarios with shutdowns with the latest wave of Delta variant COVID cases. They’d be negligent it they didn’t consider the possibilities, but in a worst case scenario all the major shows upcoming from both companies could be in jeopardy. For SummerSlam, because it’s in Las Vegas, there is a mask mandate indoors and Allegiant Stadium is indoors. AEW’s backup plans would likely be to return to Jacksonville outdoors in a worst case scenario. WWE can probably go back to Florida or take up residency with a Thunderdome setup again.”

The news comes after it was reported that AEW were “extremely concerned” that the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases would impact their upcoming events. The report from Cassidy Haynes of revealed that discussions about a back-up plan had already taken place amongst AEW management.

AEW currently has three shows slated for Chicago, including Dynamite on September 1st, Rampage on September 3rd and All Out on September 5th.

While on September 15th, AEW heads to New Jersey for Dynamite and then the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York for AEW Grand Slam.