TJR Q&A #16: Plenty of WWE Draft Questions, Cena vs. Styles, Samoa Joe Main Roster Idea & Plenty More! (Over 60 Questions)

TJR Wrestling

There’s a lot going on in the wrestling business with WWE set to do brand extension in July, the Money in the Bank PPV coming up in two weeks and then we got the news last night of Brock Lesnar going to UFC for one fight only on July 9. A few days ago I did a Q&A session on my Facebook page and as always, the readers of this website as well as the FB page brought it with some great questions that covered a lot.

Keep in mind that this was done before Saturday’s UFC announcement for Lesnar, so there isn’t anything in here about that. There’s still plenty to talk about. Let’s get to it.

1. Scottie Stiles
Let’s go down the road a year or two. Say you were WWE, and you decided to bring hogan back…how would you do it?

Only as a part timer once in a while thing. He’s too old to be a part of storylines. It would be more of a special appearance deal similar to what they do with other legends like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and so on. I think he’ll be back in the WWE family within the next year or two, but it doesn’t mean he needs a big role.

As for the how part, just do one of those Raw Reunion themes and advertise it a week or two beforehand.

2. Anthony Sergi
Was the Zack Ryder IC title win at Mania a surprise to you as much as it was for me? Do you see anything in his future at the main event level? He certainly has the look, charisma and in ring ability for it.

Yes it was a total surprise. It seems like they only did it as a way to surprise fans because they had some other finishes on that show that weren’t predictable either. Must have been WWE thinking that being unpredictable makes for a better show. It was a cool moment and I’m glad he had it, but they have done nothing with him since, which kinda makes it forgettable now.

3. Mike Mello
John what do you think the likelihood is of the following scenario: Ambrose wins MITB, Rollins wins the Rumble. Raw after Fastlane, a contract signing for WM33, during which Ambrose interrupts after Reigns and Rollins sign, tosses the briefcase to HHH (assuming he’ll facilitate), signs his name, and walks out without a word said, thus booking the long awaited Shield Mania match for the title?

Yeah I have got this a lot and I feel like I wrote it in fantasy booking for them in 2016 although obviously didn’t happen with the Rollins injury. It works of course. The Shield triple threat should happen for the first time at a WrestleMania. I hope it happens.

4. Lee Congerton
Suppose TNA came to an end in a year or so, could EC3 do well in WWE? After bashing them recently and having Carter as part of his name, it would seem he has left himself very few options to move forward.

They should have used him better when they had him. I think he’s probably done favors for himself by his performances in TNA because from what I’ve seen he’s improved in a lot of areas. He’s in his early 30s, so not too old by any means. It’s possible he may return one day. For his sake I hope so.

5. Steve Murray
Tag teams that are going to splitsville via the brand extentions? Any you want to see getting split up and which ones MUSTN’T be split up.

I don’t want any teams to split up and I mean that. I think when you do a brand extension you need 5-6 teams strong on both shows whether there are two sets of titles or not. The tag team division is on an upswing again. I think if they split teams up it would do more harm than good at this point.

It’s too early to break up Enzo & Cass. Maybe the Dudleys split if they want to push Bubba as a heel singles guy, but that would hurt D-Von a lot. New Day shouldn’t split although if they do it would be because they want to push Big E. I’m sure we can run down others, but I seriously don’t want any of them to split.

finn balor nxt title

6. Brian Coats
How would you fit Finn Balor on the main roster now that Styles has turned heel?

It may be smart to put him on the show that Styles, Gallows & Anderson are not on. Sure, it will piss off the fans that complain about every f’n thing, but it’s about building a long term story. He’s not a guy that I would worry about in terms of fitting in because he’s such a skilled all around performer. I think based on his sized, in-ring skills and that entrance he should be a face long term. I would have said the same thing about Styles, though.

7. Oscar Omar Fernandez
With unhappy wrestlers asking and getting their releases, do you see a mutiny in the locker room with others doing the same OR will this brand split stop them from leaving or attempting to leave?

I think the brand split will help the talent because now they will think they have a better chance to move up the ranks so to speak. If you look at the way things were in the early part of the split in 2002-2005 or so it was definitely true with some midcarders getting bigger roles. It didn’t last the whole time, but if they are committed to it then it’s definitely better for those guys in the midcard doing nothing right now.

8. Josh Warner
If you could bring back one person back for a push…Damien Sandow or Cody Rhodes?

I like both a lot, but I would pick Cody because I think he’s better all around and had so much untapped potential. I’m excited about what he’s going to do outside of WWE because I think he’s hungry to prove how good he is.

9. Nathanael N-jay Julien
Choose your top 5 guys you would have on Raw and your top 5 for Smackdown?

Raw: Reigns, Rollins, Owens, Wyatt, Zayn – I would have to keep Owens & Zayn together!
Smackdown: Cena, Styles, heel Ambrose, Lesnar, Cesaro

This opinion could change 500 times in the next month lol.

10. Nick Gee
Who do you think will be the next black world champion in the WWE?

Apollo Crews. I’m not sure about that, but if things go as well as possible then maybe. Big E is a good choice too because he’s shown a lot of personality to go with his strength. He’s not tall, but he’s got a lot of talent.


11. Andy Rif Sheriff
You’ve never been shy about sharing your thoughts on Hulk Hogan, but if Hogan was more giving to the business (willing to put people over, allowing others to move into the main events) would your opinion on him be different?

I’m not a fan of him because there are many examples of him screwing over other people just for the sake of his ego. Like, he couldn’t put Sting over at Starrcade 1997? It’s a fucking pro wrestling match, not a real fight. Get over yourself, Hulk. He should have put Bret over in 1993 too. I just think he’s a chronic liar that bought into the work of who Hulk Hogan is way too much. I respect his legacy, his impact and his name, but I wish he did things differently.

If he was more of a professional and was more willing to put people over then for sure I’d have more respect for him. It’s pro wrestling, though. Most of the top names in the history of the business are egomaniacs. You have to be in order to be in that position.

12. Aaran Kirk
Ok, John. Let’s say YOU’VE been in charge of WWE for a year or 2 & business is doing well. What would you then introduce to the product, that’s a totally new idea, in a attempt to send ratings through the roof?

I’d go to Paul Heyman, tell him that he is one of the best minds in the history of the business and for the betterment of the company, I would hope that he would work as a head writer. If he doesn’t want to I’d make an offer that he would like whether that means bringing his kids on the road with him or whatever he wants. Creative drives the company and they need to get it right. He’s a guy that can do it.

Then I’d say enough with the scripted promos. Let’s go with bullet points and have talent freelance a bit more.

I don’t know if I have a totally new idea. It’s really not about re-inventing things, but they just have to focus on a lot of the basics that they tend to ignore.

14. Jeff Goodridge
Think WWE will ever release Byte This on the Network or elsewhere? I’d love to see some of those shit shows…The day JBL bullied Josh Matthews nearly to tears or wen Paul and Tommy took over the night after the big push started towards One Night Stand.

I don’t think they will. Doubt there is much interest in it. I love that they have nearly every Raw episode from 1993 to 2005 on there now, but are they really getting the kind of views that new content gets? Doubt it. They probably won’t ever get around to adding something like Byte This. It’s just not that big of a deal.

15. Bobby Monroe
You have the Book. You have 2 PPVs to get ZIGGLER back to the top of the card & over with the crowd. Which PPVs and which opponents do you choose?

It’s easy to make anybody look strong, buddy. I always point at Mark Henry in 2011. Guy was book like a joke for most of 15 years. Then he starts winning matches and people thought he was significantly better. Was he better or as the push better? It’s the push. Henry obviously has the size appeal that helped.

I’d book Ziggler to form some sort of temporary alliance with Cena, turn heel and then book him to beat Cena clean at a show like SummerSlam. Since Cena is the barometer for everything, that’s who you have to go to. From there it’s just a matter of putting him against other faces on the roster and having him win clean or give him a manager/bodyguard to cheat for him.

It’s very easy to book people strong. It’s getting behind the guy that is the problem with WWE.

16. Ed Luis Valentin
Who are your five favorite wrestlers in Lucha Underground?

Catrina is my favorite by far, but I guess she’s not wrestling. I’ll go with Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, King Cuerno, Matanza has been awesome to watch and Fenix. I like many others too. Great roster.

17. Tim Mirabitur Jr
Sheamus was the oddball MITB last year…even though all logic points to KO who wins in your opinion as the oddball?

I guess the equivalent to Sheamus this year would be like Jericho or Del Rio. I really don’t see it happening. I think Ambrose & Owens are most likely winners, then Zayn & Cesaro have a decent shot and Jericho & Del Rio are unlikely as former champs. I don’t even remember who I picked last year, but it wasn’t Sheamus.

Bobby Roode Eric Young

18. Erin Somers
Are Eric Young & Bobby Roode NXT bound?? Or were those one time appearances??

Both are there because they aren’t taking new indy dates. I think Roode will debut officially at Takeover next Wednesday. Young has already debuted, so just a matter of getting him in the rotation. I think both will be in NXT for a while.

19. James Ferriman
Do you think the Usos need some change? I used to love them during their run as Tag Champs, but now whenever ever they’re on I just find them unbearably boring. I’m thinking heel turn against Reigns due to him getting the spotlight whilst they’re just his backup.

I like them a lot, but in today’s wrestling world fans are so fickle that they even turn against quality wrestlers who have good matches all the time. The act is a bit stale because it’s been five years or whatever it’s been. I think they’d do well as heels with Roman Reigns and I think the tag division would benefit because they have face teams now. Look at New Day, Enzo/Cass & American Alpha – all faces. So they can probably turn them heel soon.

By the way, I liked this feature on them on WWE Network as they told their story. It was their uncle Umaga that really pushed them to get into wrestling and he helped them so much.

20. John Harper
If Goldberg has one more match, who would you put him against and how?For me I think an induction announcement in early January for the HOF and Kevin Owens just cutting promos on him every week, slating him, followed by a surprise return at the Royal Rumble, leading to a WM match between the two would be amazing.

I’m not a fan of 49 year old Goldberg in a match. He wasn’t very good in the prime of his career. He’s probably in good shape now, but that doesn’t mean it would be fun to watch. I guess Owens would be a good opponent. I just hope Owens is doing something better than that there. Asking me to fantasy book Goldberg matches doesn’t excite me lol. Just not a fan. He ended Bret Hart’s career on a freakin’ kick. Never should have happened.

21. Chris McDonald
John Canton, What is your first memory of professional wrestling? Mine is The Missing Link.

I don’t remember a particular match or person. I was probably 4 or 5 years old, I was with cousins and they would always have it on especially Saturdays. I just did what they did because I was the youngest cousin.

22. Van Wilhoite
Which former WWE champ other than Rollins or Cena do you think is most likely to become the champ again?

I don’t see it happening for ones they have on the roster now because they are either too old (Kane, Show, Henry, Triple H) or just not necessary for the likes of Sheamus, Del Rio & Jericho. I hope a guy like Ziggler can get back to that level. The Miz might actually do it, but he seems to be in a good spot at the IC Title level. Since you took out Rollins & Cena I guess my answer is nobody.

23. Dangelino Ochoa
I personally like Breezango (stupid name) even if they are short term. You?

I like it a lot because Breeze & Fandango are talented guys that are natural heels. A lot of times when I do Q&A’s people ask me what to do with this guy or that guy and my answer a lot of the time is put them in a team. Guys in WWE are there because they have talent, so the company has to find ways to use them. Utilizing them in tag teams works because if they find a spark then you have a team and if not then the guys are back to where they were. It’s better than doing nothing.

24. James Woolford
Do you think that the influx of indie stars and the desire to make NXT a third brand has or will damage it’s intended purpose as a development, a place where new guys can learn and try out different things? I worry that chasing ratings and ticket sales too much will prevent them from feeling they can properly develop talent and allow them the freedom they need.

Yes it hurts a bit in terms of letting “new” NXT talent shine, but if you really look back on the history of the brand (especially in the last two years) they have the kind of track records that suggests they are going to elevate their own people. As good as Asuka has been in the last year, Nia Jax has really improved a lot too. So I think it’s a marriage where you have to mix in the homegrown talent with the imports and find a way to make it work.

25. Rick Bulow
I know this might be doubtful, but will ask anyhow. With the influx of TNA wrestlers into WWE nowadays, how soon do you think it will be before we hear the announcers mention TNA?

I don’t think there’s a reason to mention TNA, so why do it? If the fans know about it then that’s fine. You don’t have to always say what the fans are thinking just to placate them. Tell your stories your own way. I wouldn’t mention TNA either.

26. Ed Eastin Jr
Do you think the WWE is in a better place now than it was a year ago?

Yes because there’s more talent on the roster and the ones in NXT ready to be on the main roster are damn good. I think the brand extension is a good idea as well because of more opportunities for people and maybe Smackdown will matter again.

samoa joe nxt champion

27. Daniel Mount
How would you debut Samoa Joe when he gets called up?

Brock Lesnar in the ring. Heyman talking about how Lesnar is looking for a fight. Samoa Joe attacks from behind and beats the shit out of Lesnar. There’s a match at SummerSlam.

28. T.J. Love
Who do you see as the next NXT champ once Samoa Joe gets called up?

It looks like winner of Nakumara/Aries gets next title shot, so probably Nakamura wins that and I think Nakamura might win the NXT Title. I’d call him up to the main roster, though.

I think they screwed up a bit and should have kept Apollo Crews in NXT longer. Have him be the guy that beats Joe for the NXT title in August and build him up more. They need to get him a better connection with the crowd. That would have helped him.

29. Shay Smithers
Which specific performers do you think, and/or hope will benefit the most from the brand extension?

The guys like Zayn, Cesaro, Owens and others in the upper midcard that can be seen as main eventers now. Then I also think about the ones like Ryder or Swagger that may be forgotten, but they are still damn good performers. I’m excited for a lot of people.

For me personally, I’m excited about it from a writing sense because they repeat matches too much. Now there will be more freshness.

30. Kev Fee
When will Nakamura be called up…..that guy is a money machine?

I would have done it the Raw after WM. Why wait? Now I worry it may not be until later this year or even Rumble next year. Not sure.

31. Matthew James
Do you think they are putting Dean Ambrose in too many gimmick matches? His career resembles Mick Foley’s in lots of ways. But without a sock.

Yeah a few too many gimmick matches for him. They push the lunatic thing so much and then think that means he should be pigeon holed as a guy in gimmick matches all the time. I think he’s lost momentum since the Lesnar feud. If he went heel he’d be incredible.

32. Mike Harrison
Who do you see Balor feuding with when he comes up?

It all depends on the role. If he’s a face then the logical feud is Styles right away. If he’s a heel then Reigns or Cena works for him. Make him a main event level guy right away.

Sasha Banks

33. Andrew Harlall
What’s your take on the usage (or lack thereof) of Sasha Banks? I know there have been many rumors around lately. I need you to set the record straight and (hopefully) have some good news.

I always say that I’m not worried about her because I think she’s so talented and still so young (I think she’s 24) that here’s so much time for her. Problem is WWE doesn’t know how to book more than one women’s feud at a time. I think they’re just keeping her on the sideline a bit (and she did a have a minor concussion) and they will probably put the title on her at SummerSlam. At least they should.

34. Andrew Harlall
I decided to watch Spring Stampede 2000 for some weird reason the other day, must’ve been that bored. What are you’re thoughts/observations from when WCW decided to “reboot” itself? How did they end up dropping the ball with what seemed like a good idea at the time?

It was just too much at once. I was excited about the New Breed vs. Millionaire’s Club idea at first and so were a lot of people, but then they kinda soured things with the David Arquette thing coming off as a joke. That was around that time, right? I just don’t know if they figured out what they wanted to do. Also the lack of a true leader in the New Breed hurt because fans didn’t see Jarrett as a huge star. Then Russo focused on himself too much and Bischoff probably got sick of him.

35. Carlos Inda
What will be a perfect storyline for Sasha Banks return to challenge Charlotte for the Women’s Championship?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Charlotte does a cocky heel promo saying she’s beat everybody. Banks comes out and says that Flair held her at WM and she hasn’t had a fair shot since. Then you just book Banks strong leading to a title change. Basic wrestling.

36. Matty Steffan
Sister Abigail – do you think Nia Jax could fill that role?

I don’t see how you can put Jax in that spot when she’s already known as Nia Jax now. I dunno who they might pick for it. Another reader suggested Jessica Havok and I think she would be perfect for it!

37. Brigid Martinez
What do you think should happen to set up a Shield triple threat? We all know it’s going to happen eventually. Hopefully at Mania. How would you book it? I’m very excited about that idea, but a little hesitant cuz it deserves long term booking and WWE seems to not think that far ahead. Granted things like injuries happen, but assuming everyone is healthy; how would you do it?

I’m on board with the idea of doing it at WM. One guy is the champ, the other wins the Rumble and Ambrose has MITB. Easy way to set it up with an Ambrose promo. I don’t think it’s that hard to do. Just a matter of if they want to do it.

38. Lee Bassin
As great as the talent is that is joining NXT from TNA and the Indies, how much does it worry you that new talent from within the Performance Centre might struggle to break through?

It makes it harder for some people to break through, but it can also make them better because they will have to up their games and really “wow” management to get there. I don’t think competition is ab ad thing at all.

Goldberg wwe 2k17

39. Bradley Lopez
Why do you think WWE did a goofy commercial for Goldberg in WWE 2k17 when he’s already been in it?

It’s actually a 2K produced commercial and they signed him, not WWE. I just think it’s something they’ve done the last few years with Ultimate Warrior and Sting as well. It’s way to get people talking and excited about the game. I think it worked in that sense.

40. Charlie Pérez
With the brand extension, do you think it’s better for each brand to have their own top champions? (World, tag team, and women’s)

Yes. It will probably lead to more people complaining and saying it waters down titles, but I think it’s better for the brand, for the live events and for the shows. If they want to keep some titles on both shows that’s fine too.

The booking is what really matters anyway. Titles are used to help tell the story.

41. Chris Rowlands
How do you see the Styles/Cena feud going down? I’m looking forward to the matches but am worried about the scorched earth booking that happened with Ryback, Rusev and Wyatt repeating on Styles.

I think they should both be on Smackdown, put the World Title or whatever they are calling the second title on Styles fairly early and make it something where Cena’s chasing him for it. Have “The Club” grow with more members whether that’s Balor or others. You don’t have to do 3 matches or whatever it is. Just have Cena have to fight to get the title and they could even do it that somebody else breaks through to beat AJ for it whether it’s Zayn, Cesaro or somebody else. I’m excited about their matches and the feud.

42. Darrius Gaddy
Outside of Kurt angle is there anyone you can think of besides K.O that you can think of that has had such an enjoyable “rookie” year?

I think Angle and Lesnar are the two that stand out the most. Angle is the most impressive. They were both new in pro wrestling aside from training for over a year.

Alberto Del Rio is another name that comes to mind although he had a decade of experience in Mexico. Sheamus is another guy that had a really good initial push that started in ECW and led to a WWE Title win against John Cena.

43. Roderick Walker
Which woman do you think deserve to go into the Hall of Fame more: Sable, Chyna or Elizabeth?

All of them should be in of course, but to answer this question I’d go with Elizabeth. I think Elizabeth should have been in like 10 years ago with Randy Savage.

44. Nick Watanabe
Let’s say Nakamura is going to be the top tier champion (whatever they’re calling it next after the split), who does he win it from and when? My guess is he’ll be in match at Summerslam for the championship next year against Lesnar.

I think it’s hard to predict because I have no idea when he’s going to be on the main roster. I would hope he wins one of the main titles in 2017, but depends where he is and how he connects to the crowd. Does Vince like him? Don’t know yet. Vince doesn’t have a great history of pushing foreigners. I’m not saying he’s racist, but he likes what he likes. I’m all for Nakamura vs. Lesnar at any point.

45. John Finnie
Can you see Steph vs Charlotte at SummerSlam happening? If so what would be the point? She never puts the woman over. If not Steph do you see Sasha winning that night?

I sure hope not. It should be Banks vs. Charlotte and I think deviating from that plan would be a mistake. Stephanie needs to either be a full heel or be off television. It’s not because she’s a poor performer. She’s just been around for too long.

46. Robert Mccormick III
Does this NEW ERA thing sound like THE WCW INVASION back in the late 90s? Old against new, young lion vs old lions?

Do you mean the WCW angle in spring 2000? Yeah it’s a similar idea, but it’s not like they are creating two factions and feuding younger talent with older talent. So it’s not that similar.

47. Nate Kuhl
With the brand split coming up are there any wrestlers out there WWE would step up their pursuit of to replenish NXT since several people from their will be called up?

There’s been word from Meltzer that WWE is looking to add talent, so it’s probably going to be something where they add some of the cruiswerweights in the tourney that is starting soon. I think some ROH guys should be on the radar. I’m not sure about more Japanese guys or TNA guys, but I think they are open to anybody now.

48. Mark Thomas
Brother Nero story line in TNA thoughts on the last promo video?

I think it’s pretty awful and I don’t think they even care that people think it’s bad because it’s generating a lot of attention. Matt Hardy is going for the kind of heel character that people really hate and he doesn’t mind if people think it’s awful. That’s the reaction he is going for.

49. David Dierking
If they create two titles for the roster split, does it make sense to make the Smackdown title belt look exactly like the current belt only with a blue background instead of a red? Seems like bringing back the old WCW belt again would make one look like a lesser title.

I think that makes sense to me. I just don’t know if they want to go with Raw World Champion and Smackdown World Champion as the names for the titles. Seems like they might be reluctant to do that. I think it would work, though.

50. Greig Lindholm
I just watched the ten man tag from Canadian Stampede. I appreciated the match, however, I failed to see why it is such a historical match. Was it the crowd? Maybe we are just used to hot crowds now a days. The match itself was good. Am I just missing something?

I think the crowd was as hot as anything I’ve ever seen. Just amazing. The work in the match wasn’t out of this world or anything and they probably could have done better in terms of the nerfalls at the end, but I thought it was like a four star match or higher. I haven’t seen it in a while. Loved it.

51. Deryl Parnell Jr.
With Goldberg being included in WWE 2k17 do you see him returning on TV maybe around Survivor Series or before then?

I think Survivor Series is possible. Maybe they wait until Royal Rumble to set up a WrestleMania match. He would be a big deal in terms of being a surprise in the Rumble. I think the chances of him wrestling is better now that he’s part of the video game. We’ll see if it happens.

52. Kevin Alexander
Will The Club remain as three members or will they grow? Personally I’d like to see them grow, but not get out of hand like the NWO. I think they need a better talker than AJ and maybe a main event guy. I could get behind Rollins as the leader or add Balor and Samoe Joe to the group. With the brand split and two titles one of them can be a main event threat.

I hope they grow. If you look at the history of WWE’s brand extension they have had several stables as the lead part of storylines whether it was Evolution, JBL’s Cabinet, Edge with Vickie and family and so on. So I think it would be a smart move to give them other people in the group.

53. David Harnick
With the brand extension coming up, do you believe it can help new wrestlers or will established guys get the spotlight still?

It should help everybody ideally. The established guys will still get a lot of attention, but that’s only one show per week instead of two and I think that’s a positiive.

54. Sohail Aarif
After the Brand Extension would you prefer one MITB contract holder or two?

One. That’s enough. It hurts the prestige of the briefcase if there are two of them out there.

55. Jacob Dillard
Thoughts on Vince saying he fears Sasha Banks being to injury prone? Big fan by the way!!

I don’t know about that report in terms of accuracy. Like, does she need to slow down sometimes and not kill herself with crazy bumps? Yeah. She’s tiny. I don’t even know if she’s legit 100 pounds. She shouldn’t be doing crazy bumps all the time. It’s just not smart for her health and longevity.

With that said, I still think they are going to push her fairly well and hopefully put the Women’s Title on her at SummerSlam.

56. Eric Stuve
With the brand split, do you see the PPVs having crossover matches or keeping matches strictly along brand lines?

I think they should keep it strictly along brand lines. However, I think they should have a crossover match at Survivor Series just because that’s something to get interest up. Then in the Rumble obviously you mix it up.

57. Jason Martin
All I hear is how great the brand split will be but I have never been a fan. There will be so many feuds and altercations that we may not see now because one guy will never cross paths with the other because of the split. I know WWE could always trade guys but I just don’t like it. Your thoughts?

The main reason the whole thing is being done is because Smackdown viewership has been down a lot and they need to get it up. Putting SD live makes things different from the last brand extension, so I think there’s reason to be optimistic. I’m okay with not seeing certain people face off. It builds up anticipation. They did Usos vs. Gallows/Anderson like 7 times in a month. They do Ziggler/Corbin too much. They need to get better.

58. Douglas Paul Gundlach Jr.
HBK’s sweet chin music on Shelton Benjamin… Best ever?

Oh yeah I think so. They tried to recreate it in his matches with Angle and I think Rey, but it was never as good.

59. Howie Mandella
Are we really in the new era or is it just another buzzword so to speak? Or is it too early to tell?

I think it’s just a buzzword, which is funny because they can’t trademark the term since it’s a clothing/shoe company lol. They should probably shut up about it pretty soon.

60. Giles Hart
I’ve seen loads and loads of complaints around the web the past few months about WWE/NXT hiring all the former TNA/NJPW talent that are there(99% about TNA lol) and doing so stops a load of younger wrestlers having TV time. But I’m someone who thinks of it as a TNA Rehabilitation Centre to rejuvinate former wrestlers from TNA who ended up feeling very fustrated by what TNA has slowly become. Younger talent must love being able to work with these major stars, you also get to see them wrestle eachother again in a place that makes them feel mentally rejuvinated and helps them remember why they got into the buisness in the first place. Plus, a wider and larger number of new fans get to enjoy and see how talented they are. What’s your view on all the former TNA stars being there and them possibly “taking TV time away” from younger talent?

I think it helps to integrate people from outside of the WWE walls with the younger talent because most of the guys they are bringing in (Roode, Young, Aries) are veterans that can help the younger guys. While that makes the roster deeper and perhaps stunts the growth of some of the younger talent, I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

61. Anne Schaefer
There are rumors that WWE might be cancelling NXT…is it true??

No. Basically people are f’n idiots that “The End” meant that NXT was over, but it’s really just the tagline used for the Joe/Balor feud that has gone on for like six months.


62. Tim Mirabitur Jr
Read a rumor first hour of Raw gonna be NXT after brand split what do you think?

I don’t think so. They’re getting paid by USA Network for Raw because they want that bigger audience and if they put NXT there it wouldn’t do the same numbers. NXT is for the hardcore fan like us. I don’t see it happening.

63. Zach Ward
Ranallo and Graves. Announce team of the future?

I like them a lot. They should put Graves on Smackdown with Ranallo and Lawler, but that might mean Lawler is a face again and that would suck. Lawler is so much better as a heel. I think just Ranallo and Graves would be best, but WWE likes to have thee person teams.

64. Walter Culang Jacinto
Is there any chance that all nxt titles will be defended in Smackdown, specially PPVs when the brand split happens?

I don’t think so. Let’s keep NXT titles in NXT and not anywhere else. It would be too confusing. Just use the main roster titles better.

65. Alexander Podgorski
Do you think the new live Smackdown will have its own writing and feel like Paul Heymans circa 2002, or so you think it will still be dictated to be the same show format only with different wrestlers?

I don’t think the Heyman thing will be similar to what they do now because that lasted about a year and then things changed. Vince and Hunter will still oversee things that the team comes up with. I don’t see them changing from the format they are used to.

66. Joe Sondag
What’s better for the Women’s division stay on one show or divide them up to both Raw & Smackdown?

Both shows. Need more time for the ladies! It would suck if they didn’t put women on one of the shows and would limit them as well. Let them do more, so put them on both shows.

67. Matt Tome
Odds of a Women’s Money in the Bank match this year or next?

Considering women are smaller than men and falling off ladders tends to happen in those matches, I wouldn’t do it. Sasha Banks is like 110 pounds. I don’t want to see her fall off a ladder. When they do women’s battle royals they don’t have to go over the top – just through the ropes. That’s because WWE doesn’t want them doing huge bumps. It makes sense to me.

68. Ryan Mullins
If you already answered this question then I apologize. Do you think there’s any chance we see The Shield vs. The Club in 2016?? I know they all won’t be on the same roster but maybe set it up at 1 of the Raws with both rosters present and do it at a PPV.

I think it’s very possible because The Shield reunion is one of those things that could be seen as a big draw in WWE’s eyes. Having them together as a group – especially as faces – for a feud with any other group makes a lot of sense. It would be smart business to do that kind of rivalry. I don’t know the when or where, but it will probably happen one day.


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