TJR Blog: Thoughts on The Miz/Daniel Bryan “Talking Smack” Promo Exchange (VIDEO)

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There was a great promo from The Miz on Talking Smack, which is on WWE Network after Smackdown. Here’s the clip of it in case you haven’t seen it.

While I wouldn’t call it a shoot, I think it’s an example of how good some of the talkers in WWE can be if they let guys loose. This isn’t scripted, but it’s his character. The fact that some people are questioning if it’s real is great. That’s the way promos should be. It’s Mike Mizanin letting loose and that’s awesome. He’s defending himself against a guy criticizing him. Heels should get angry and defensive about things. That’s what a heel does.

I don’t think Bryan was off in what he said either, but that’s just my opinion. I respect Miz. Doesn’t mean he’s the best worker or that his style is going to wow people watching at home. He’s a solid worker, but he’s not at the level of Bryan or the best guys in the business today like Styles, Zayn and Cesaro for example. I’m not saying Miz is bad. Just saying he’s not at their level in that regard. He’s still a very good promo man with a character that works for him.

Here’s a tweet from The Miz’s wife Maryse about it.

Bryan walking off was likely something they planned to do. It’s a way to sell what Miz was saying because a guy walking away (right at the end of the show too) is selling anger. It has worked because after the show was over it generated a lot of buzz on social media.

It reminds me of the Austin/Heyman WWE Network podcast where they ended with Austin doing a promo about facing Lesnar at the end. These guys know that what you say at the end is what people are going to remember most, so you go off the air that way and it will get people talking.

This stuff is needed on WWE TV more because it feels real. That’s when pro wrestling (yes I said pro wrestling) is at its best.

It’s around midnight now. I haven’t watched Smackdown. I will do so in the morning and have the review up when I can. For now, talk about this promo exchange in the comments below.