Stephen Amell aka The Arrow Shows Up on WWE RAW

TJR Wrestling

Last night while watching RAW I did what any normal human being does during a Stardust match, I hit fast forward but then there was something that made me hit that play button. I saw Stardust getting into the face of a fan. But wait, that’s not just some random guy in the front row. That’s Stephen Amell also known as THE ARROW.

Arrow is currently my favorite show on television and Amell plays the title character. If you follow him on social media he has been lobbying to guest star on RAW for a while now so you can only imagine my excitement when Amell was not only at RAW but seemingly shooting an angle for WWE.

This was all news to me as it was Memorial Day yesterday and I wasn’t on social media much so I missed Amell saying he was going to be at RAW and then get into a bit of a Twitter war with Stardust. After Neville beat Stardust last night the focus shifted to Neville and Bo Dallas. There was no follow up on the Amell/Stardust situation which left me disappointed. Things may not be over yet however. Amell tweeted last night to Stardust “You tread carefully or I’ll be back”. Not only is he the man because he is The Arrow but he also managed to paraphrase iconic quotes from Walter White and The Terminator in threatening Stardust. Now that my friends is boss.

Speaking of quotes from badass characters big ups to the WWE intern that clued JBL in on Arrow’s catch phrase and where he lives. We know JBL doesn’t watch Arrow because he lives in Bermuda and who the hell would spend time in front of a TV if you lived in Bermuda.

There is potential in using Amell on RAW. Not only is he the star of a hit TV show but he is also playing Casey Jones in the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. There is a lot of crossover in fans of Arrow, TMNT and RAW. Hell, you’re reading the words of one right now.

Of course the most bad ass thing ever to happen in WWE aside from Brock Lesnar F-5ing furniture and Michael Cole again would be Amell showing up to RAW dressed as Arrow and vigilante the crap out of Stardust. Granted it might not make sense in the continuity of the Arrow’s storylines (I won’t get into more because of SPOILERS) but I don’t care. I would totally geek/mark out for that moment. WORLDS COLLIDING!!

I’m not sure how DC Comics or even CW would feel about Amell dressing like Arrow on another TV show but maybe they would allow it realizing the crossover potential and bringing in a slew of new fans to the show.

Now, I’m just going bonkers here but could you imagine Amell as Arrow cornering Sting for a match at Survivor Series against the likes of Bray Wyatt?!?! What. The. F….

What is likely to happen is we’ll see Amell on RAW as regular old Stephen when it comes time to promote the next TMNT movie and maybe he’ll throw a clothesline or hip toss some lower card heel because that’s what celebrities do when the want to get physical on RAW.

I hope WWE does something with Amell in the future because he is a fan of the product which makes me want to see him be used even more. Too many times WWE uses celebrities that have zero to no knowledge in the product. Summer Fest anyone? From following him on social media, Amell seems like a genuinely good dude so it’s not much of a risk for WWE getting into business with someone that might do something dumb. The biggest reason of all that WWE should use him is because he is the f’n Arrow.

I wouldn’t doubt a future appearance from Amell but the likelihood of some epic WWE/DC crossover is slim, if there is even that much of a chance. That said let’s see Amell on RAW. WWE, don’t fail this fan base.

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