CM’s Reaction to the Hulk Hogan Situation

TJR Wrestling

I’ve been sitting here for the last 90 minutes trying to write something on the Hulk Hogan situation but it’s been hard. Everything I write reads like I’m a Hogan apologist or I condone what he said, so I’d rather not post that on TJR. I guess a lot of what I wrote earlier came from anger. Anger that Hulk Hogan could say something like that and even anger that WWE is pretending like he doesn’t exist anymore. I feel pretty good about what you are about to read however.

I’m not going to go into the details of the story since they are really awful and you already know what they are. I don’t condone what he said. It was disgusting and something we’d like to think our “heroes” are above thinking but as seen with Bill Cosby, these celebrities are real people with dark sides like any Joe Smith on the street. Granted, what Cosby did was much worse, but you get the point.

I don’t know if the old adage “time heals old wounds” will ring true here but as we’ve seen with the likes of Mike Tyson and even Alex Rodriguez people will forgive you as time moves on. Maybe in a year or two, Hogan and WWE can do business again but if they don’t I understand why. WWE is a publicly traded company and shouldn’t want to be associated with the train of thought Hogan had on the tape.

Hulk Hogan is the reason I became a fan of wrestling. He was such a big part of my childhood and I was really excited to see him back in the WWE family last year. To see all of that essentially burned to ashes hurts a little bit. I don’t agree with Hogan here, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to burn all my Hulk Hogan merchandise and erase him from my memory like WWE has. Hulk Hogan will always be an important figure in my life. I wish that this never happened. I wish even more that Hogan does sincerely regret what he said and not regret that he got caught.

I know that some people will never forgive Hulk for these comments and I can’t blame them. I do hope, though, that this was something that happened because Hogan thought he was alone and said some stupid stuff that many of us can be accused of doing and not something he walks around thinking.

This is more fuel for the fire of the Hogan Haters. For me, I was a Hulkamaniac before the news broke and still am as I write this. Maybe Terry Bollea isn’t the man we want him to be, but I won’t let that tarnish all the great memories I have of Hulk Hogan in WWE.

As I close this, I hope Bollea can find some peace in his life as it seems that he was going through a bad time in his life when the tape was made and hopefully he just made a really dumb comment. That bad time has come back to bite not only him but a legion of Hulkamaniacs as well.

It’s 2015, it’s time that not only our celebrities but us as well start acting like it.


Take care.

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