Daniel Bryan Mentions TNA Last Night During The "State Of The WWE Universe"

Yesterday’s edition of Monday Night Raw was followed by a “State of the WWE Universe” address which aired exclusively on the WWE Network. The show was kicked off by Renee Young interviewing Paul Heyman, but that was just filler until the Raw and Smackdown Live Commissioners and General Managers were available to talk.

During the “State of the WWE Universe” address, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan debated with Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley about Survivor Series and some of the gripes they have with each other and how they’re running their brands. The last 10 – 12 minutes got quite heated between Bryan and Foley as both men were taking jabs at each other’s knowledge, loyalty and passion to the WWE and for professional wrestling.

There was a moment where Foley took a shot at Bryan by saying that Bryan is not as passionate about being General Manager as he is, since Bryan contractually has to be there and said that he’d rather be wrestling. Bryan fired back at Foley after this comment, mentioning that when Foley left the WWE in the 2000’s, he went to TNA because he wanted to continue to wrestle. Once Bryan mentioned TNA, Stephanie quickly tried to change the topic of discussion.

Aside from AJ Styles’ appearance on WWE Network’s edition of The Stone Cold Podcast this past June, TNA if often never mentioned on WWE television.

Mark’s reaction: Bryan and Foley’s exchange with one another gave me brief flashbacks of Bryan and Miz’s popular exchange on Talking Smack this past August. There were elements of what they were saying that felt very true, so I definitely recommend you give the last 10 – 12 minutes of the “State of the WWE Universe” address a watch.

State of the WWE Universe - Premieres tonight after Raw on WWE Network

Picture used above is courtesy of the WWE Network.