WWE’s “Secret Rule” Ends Raw Match

WWE monday night Raw set

A WWE official followed the letter on last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, enforcing one of the company’s “secret rules” causing a match to end abruptly.

On the 11th July 2022 edition of Raw, The Miz used his new alliance with former NXT Champion Ciampa to once again go after AJ Styles. Following a verbal confrontation, ‘The Phenomenal One’ was joined by Ezekiel for a tag team contest against his foes.

The finish of the match came when Ciampa was disqualified for interfering in the match, which left many confused as it was a contest he was involved in even though he wasn’t the legal man at the time.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained how the official was following one of WWE’s secret rules, where only one broken up pin is allowed per team during a tag match.

It’s the secret rule. There’s a secret rule in WWE that in a tag match you only get one save and this was the second save. So therefore it’s a DQ.

Bryan Alvarez continued, explaining how there is another rule which is secretly followed during tag contests.

The announcers explained it as the illegal man attacked the legal man and technically the other secret rule in tag matches is if you are the illegal man you can’t touch the legal man. But the hidden part of the hidden rule is you can break up a pin.

The main event of Monday Night Raw saw Bobby Lashley and Riddle defeat Seth Rollins and Theory. After the match, Ziggler delivered a superkick to Theory and stood over his prone body to end the show.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.