WWE Hall Of Famer Was Toughest Firing Of Jim Ross’ Career

Jim ross speaking at home

Jim Ross once had the unenviable task of letting certain WWE Superstars go from their contracts, with one such name being the toughest firing of his iconic career.

Firing Eddie Guerrero in 2001 was incredibly difficult for Jim Ross, says the WWE Hall of Famer.

An addiction to pain medication in 2001 led Guerrero to be written off WWE programming before his eventual release on 12 November, three days after he was involved in a car accident where he was caught drunk driving. Though Eddie eventually returned in April 2002, the moment he was let go remains a difficult one for Jim Ross.

During his Grilling JR podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer noted that he found the situation hard due to viewing Eddie Guerrero as one of the best in the world:

“It probably was because I saw greatness. I saw one of the greatest pro wrestlers in the world that we’re about to lose if we don’t get our arms around his problem. But in order for us to get our arms around his problem, he’s gotta cooperate with us. He’s gotta allow us to hug him. That’s what we kept waiting on. So, yeah, that was probably the toughest because I had such an emotional investment in him.”

Eddie Guerrero returned to WWE on Raw’s 1 April 2002 broadcast, attacking then-Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam. The next three years proved beneficial for both Eddie and WWE, as Guerrero rose to become one of the most prominent and well-regarded wrestlers in the world, peaking when he emotionally became WWE Champion in 2004.

Tragically, Eddie was found in a hotel room on 13 November 2005 by nephew Chavo Guerrero, Jr., passing away at just 38-years-old.

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