Wardlow “Flattered” By Comparisons To Batista

Wardlow walking to ring

AEW star Wardlow has spoken about being compared to Batista, saying that, while it’s a flattering comparison, “there’s only one Wardlow”.

Over the past few months, Wardlow has turned his back on his former boss MJF and become one of the hottest rising stars in AEW.

Joining AEW in February 2020, Wardlow was quickly paired with MJF as his bodyguard. Mr. Mayhem remained by his employer’s side during his time in both the Inner Circle and then The Pinnacle. However, by March 2022, it was time for the star to step out of Friedman’s shadow. His attempts to separate himself from MJF will come to a head at Double or Nothing on May 29th when the two finally clash in the ring.

As Wardlow has begun to rise up the ranks, many have made comparisons to WWE legend Batista. There are parallel’s in the two’s careers as both are physical powerhouses who started out as bodyguards and the pair have penchants for expensive suits. The two stars also use variations of a powerbomb to devastating effect.

Speaking to Kenny McIntosh of Inside the Ropes ahead of Double or Nothing, Wardlow addressed the comparisons. He admitted that he was flattered by being compared to the former WWE star, but also made clear that there’s only one Wardlow and he aims to get to the same level of not only Batista, but the likes of John Cena and The Rock.

“All right. So, obviously very flattering. I like to say, you know, being compared to people’s cool but. There’s only one Wardlow and I feel like you really can’t compare me to many. With that said, being compared to Batista is always going to make me blush just because I was a huge Batista fan and he is one of the best looking professional wrestlers to ever step in the ring, physique wise and he was one of the biggest superstars that wrestling ever created.

You know, you can count on one or two hands the the names that truly ran the company and were the top guy and were like true superstar status, like in the media, in that demographic of like what’s cool and exciting and mainstream. And now obviously going on to acting in Hollywood, not many people can do that. So to be compared to that is awesome because that’s what I want to be. I want to be one of those guys down the road that you can count on one or two hands.

I want Wardlow the name, in the mix. When you’re talking about Batista, when you’re talking about John Cena, when you talk about Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, you’re going to be talking about Wardlow as well.”

H/T to Inside the Ropes for the above transcription.