Wade Barrett Signs New WWE Deal

Wade Barrett

For fans of Wade Barrett, I’m afraid I have some good news for you, the NXT announcer has signed a new multi-year deal with WWE.

After several years away from WWE, Wade Barrett returned to the company as an announcer on the NXT brand in 2020. During his time out of the company Barrett – under his real name of Stu Bennett – had begun his commentary career with the National Wrestling Alliance.

Speaking to BT Sport, the English star revealed that two years after he returned to WWE, he has signed on for another two years with the company:

“I’m about to hit my two-year anniversary. Just signed a new extension to my contract. [My] contract was up. It’s been two years, I think August 2020 is when I came back. Last week, agreed to a new deal. Very happy to be staying around with WWE and continuing my role in NXT. Thrilled to be in that environment. Loving it.”

Wade Barrett burst onto the WWE stage back in 2010 after winning the inaugural season of NXT – when it was a reality-based competition – and led the charge of NXT rookies when they invaded WWE as the dreaded Nexus.

During his time as an active competitor in WWE, Wade Barrett captured the Intercontinental Championship on five occasions and in 2015, joined illustrious company as he became King of the Ring.

h/t Fightful