W. Morrissey On Triple H’s “Furious” Reaction To Him Going Off Script

Enzo Amore (nZo) and Big Cass (W. Morrissey) making an entrance with Carmella during their time in WWE

Former WWE star W. Morrissey has recalled the occasion at a major pay-per-view where the fans loved an off-script line, but when he got backstage the reaction was very different.

In his time with WWE Morrissey was known as Big Cass, and his time on the microphone alongside Enzo Amore (nZo) made the pair extremely popular with the live crowds as well as the audience at home.

They were particularly known for their trash talking at their opponents on the way to the ring, and it was at a premium show where this once got them in to hot water.

During their entrance at SummerSlam 2016, W. Morrissey and nZo decided to play up to the crowd in Brooklyn, New York. Singing iconic lines from Frank Sinatra’s song as “Juicy” by B.I.G., the crowd went wild as they taunted Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

However, the pair were unaware they weren’t allowed to recite copyrighted music, and the segment has been cut from repeats of the show.

Speaking during an interview with Renee Paquette on The Sessions, W. Morrissey revealed that Triple H was furious when they came back through the curtain.

We went off-script in SummerSlam in Brooklyn and sang I think a Frank Sinatra song, and you can’t sing or imitate things that are copyrighted. That was a stern talking-to. It was Hunter [Triple H]. He was furious, Hunter, but we didn’t know. We didn’t know there was such a thing.

W. Morrissey also said that it wasn’t that they intentionally broke the rules, but were completely unaware that they weren’t meant to do it.

If you go back and watch that SummerSlam, I think it was 2016, they had to cut it. That was something we weren’t told in NXT. We did it and we thought, ‘Yeah, New York, we f***ing crushed it, man! F*** yeah, that was on the fly and everybody was with it!’ Then we got to the back and it was like, ‘You… you… come here.’ I was like, ‘Oh f***.’

Having been released by WWE in June 2018, W. Morrissey has recently been competing for IMPACT Wrestling, and has been teased as a mystery opponent for Wardlow on the 4th May edition of AEW Dynamite.

With thanks to Sportskeeda for the transcription.