Triple H Announces Fox Sports 1 Will Host a Weekly WWE Studio Show This Fall on Tuesday Nights

TJR Wrestling

Triple H appeared on Fox Sports 1’s “First Things First” morning show to reveal that WWE will be airing a new WWE Studio Show this October.

This has been expected since WWE signed their deal with Fox last May, but it’s the first time where somebody from WWE confirmed it in the public. The show will air on Tuesday nights as announced on the clip that aired during the show that I have posted below.

There was no name given for this new show or details on the hosts or format. That’s something we will learn over the next six months.

Here’s how Triple H explained it:

“It’s something I wanted to happen for a long time. I think this is the perfect opportunity for it. A studio show for us, because of the sports entertainment aspect of it, it’s an analyst show where you’re talking about the athletic component of it and it’s also an entertainment where you’re talking about where things are going and the storylines and the characters and all of it.

This is going to be one of those shows that if you are a WWE fan, across the board, this is a show that is going to be can’t miss because it’s going to talk about everything you love in a way that you can’t get any place else.”

Hunter futher explained it to co-host Nick Wright:

“To take people deeper into what goes on behind the scenes to being a WWE superstar… I can’t wait for this.”

Here’s a clip of Triple H announcing it: