The Rock’s Half-Siblings Discovered

The Rock Rocky Johnson

One of wrestling’s most esteemed wrestling families has gotten a lot bigger after DNA tests provided proof that The Rock has at least five secret half-siblings.

The Rock is a part of the acclaimed Anoa’i wrestling family on his mother’s side. His grandfather was the High Chief Peter Maivia and his cousins include the likes of Rikishi, Yokozuna, Umaga, Rosey, and the current Unified WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

However, wrestling runs on both sides of the family for The Rock as his father is the late WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson. Johnson had two children with his first wife in the sixties before meeting Ata Maivia and having Dwayne Johnson in 1972.

In between those times, however, it has now been discovered that Rocky Johnson fathered at least five other children who are now all in touch with one another. Sports Illustrated reported on the story that began with filmmaker Lisa Purves – one of Rocky Johnson’s children – making a documentary about children who have been abandoned by a parent and was encouraged to turn the lens on herself.

She spoke to Sports Illustrated about her struggles seeing her very famous half-brother in the media and said she spiralled into a depression when The Rock was in her hometown of Vancouver to film Skyscraper. She added that his ubiquitous presence in the city at the time was a reminder that “our dad loved him and not me.”

Purves went on to say in relation to The Rock that “Dwayne owes us nothing,” a sentiment echoed by another of Rocky Johnson’s children, Adrian Bowles. He added, “Dwayne has nothing to do with the decisions that his dad made, he doesn’t even know who we are.”

Lisa Purves was the one who arranged DNA tests for the five children, confirming that they all shared Rocky Johnson as their father. Purves is the one behind the documentary Just Call Me Lisa which will chronicle their shared experience of growing up with a famous absent father.