Taz Gives His Take On Comparisons Betwen Tony Khan and Paul Heyman


The comparisons between Tony Khan and Paul Heyman, with Taz pointing out some similarities between the two.

Paul Heyman has had a long, storied and illustrious career in the professional wrestling business, having started out as a photographer at the age of 13. Finding his way to Jim Crockett Promotions and the eventual change in to WCW, Heyman moved in to a managerial role before eventually deciding he wanted something new – something more Extreme.

Starting ECW, Paul Heyman went on to run one of the most beloved cult wrestling companies in the world. Showcasing a style of wrestling which you couldn’t see anywhere else, it’s the passion behind ECW which is commented on most often.

Although ECW eventually failed due to not having the right finances to continue, this didn’t mean an end for Paul Heyman as he swiftly became an integral part of WWE, holding roles both in front of the camera and behind.

It’s this passion which led to AEW President Tony Khan commenting that he is likened most often to the former ECW head honcho, and that it’s a comparison he is proud of.

One man who is certainly in a position to comment on the similarities between the pair is Taz. The former ECW Champion has worked extensively with both men, and has taken to social media to point out why they are so similar.

I’ve work/worked very closely with both of these men, PH & TK from a passion perspective, creative, work ethic & connecting directly w/their audiences (including same type of midnight oil hours they burn) TK & PH VERY similar! I promise.

Tony Khan is currently busy dealing some apparent backstage issues, with CM Punk reportedly going off script during the latest edition of Dynamite.