Shawn Michaels On Who Created The DX Crotch Chop

Shawn Michaels WWE gives DX crotch chop

WWE Senior Vice President Shawn Michaels has reflected on an earlier time in his career and revealed who created the signature DX crotch chop.

D-Generation X was part of the unruly spirit that came to define the Attitude Era in WWE in the late nineties. The group formed officially in late 1997 with Shawn Michaels and Triple H at the time flanked by Chyna and Rick Rude. Five months later, The Heartbreak Kid began his hiatus from the ring with X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws taking his place.

The group has reunited several times since and will do so again in October as WWE rides the nostalgia train to celebrate the group founded by the current Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative and Chief Content Officer’s 25th anniversary.

In an interview with The New York Post, Shawn Michaels explained who was behind the group’s signature crotch chop and says like many other things, it started out as a backstage joke amongst friends:

“The first place I remember seeing it was Sean Waltman, who was then known as 1-2-3 Kid and later X-Pac, doing it over in the UK. Then all of a sudden, we were doing it as a group, to each other, kind of thinking it was funny.”

“It was sort of a witty way and tell somebody where they could go or they didn’t like your answer to something — a bunch of buddies ribbing each other.”

“From a television standpoint, as we started to do DX, it just felt kind of natural. A lot of things that we did on TV as DX were things we were doing as friends behind the scenes long before we ever brought it to TV.”

So there you have it, if you grew up in the late nineties and were ever scolded by a teacher for giving a crotch chop, now you know who to blame.