Seth Rollins Comments Following Brutal Raw Attack On Cody Rhodes

Seth Rollins in a black and white suit jacket holding a sledgehammer

Seth Rollins has taken to social media to mock Cody Rhodes, after seemingly injuring him further on Monday Night Raw with a sledgehammer.

There was plenty of speculation over the weekend that the card for Hell In A Cell could change when it emerged that Cody Rhodes had suffered a torn pectoral muscle. However, despite the very visible bruising from the injury ‘The American Nightmare’ still managed to compete against Seth Rollins inside the steel structure, picking up the win for a clean 3-0 sweep in their series which started at WrestleMania 38.

Before the contest, Rhodes took to social media to make it clear that he was still competing and that it was due to his love for professional wrestling.

For the love of the game

The following evening on Monday Night Raw, Cody Rhodes opened the show to address the crowd, and make it clear that he was still looking to gain an as-yet illusive victory at Money In The Bank. Whilst in the ring he was confronted by Seth Rollins, who showed respect for Rhodes before making reference to his father Dusty, leaving Cody teary-eyed.

I know I’m the last person you need to hear this from, but Dusty is very proud of his baby boy right now.

The Pair shook hands, with ‘The American Nightmare’ waving goodbye to the crowd as commentary noted that he would be undergoing surgery for the injury on 9th June.

It all turned out to be a ruse, as when Rhodes went to leave the stage he was attacked by Seth Rollins with a sledgehammer, seemingly injuring him further with what commentary called “reprehensible” actions.

After the incident, Rollins took to social media to mock Rhodes’ tweet from the day before along with a picture of him holding the sledgehammer in what could well harp back to a man who both men have a storied history with, Triple H.

FoR tHe LoVe oF tHe GaMe

It has also been revealed that it was Cody Rhodes himself who pushed the issue to compete despite being injured.