Riddle Thanks Blue Meanie For Teaching Him How To Work

Matt Riddle

Riddle is a current WWE Raw Tag Team Champion that recently thanked former ECW & WWE wrestler Blue Meanie for teaching him how to be a pro wrestler.

Riddle is one of the most popular superstars on Raw as part of the RK-Bro tag team with Randy Orton. Last night on Raw, Riddle faced off against former WWE Champion AJ Styles in a great match that featured a lot of exciting back-and-forth action. In the end, Styles got the win with the Styles Clash.

In an interview on the Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, Riddle praised the Blue Meanie for helping him learn about being a pro wrestler:

“Blue Meanie is one of my favorite people in the world. The guy’s one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever [meet]. Super knowledge and yeah, especially when it comes to the business side of wrestling, Blue Meanie, he’s been in the business, he gets it, he’s got the experience and he’s a pleasure to be around and yeah. He’s one of the guys who taught me how to work.”

The Blue Meanie has been a trainer at The Monster Factory wrestling school since 2012. Current WWE US Champion Damian Priest also trained at The Monster Factory, which is based in Paulsboro, New Jersey.

Prior to becoming a pro wrestler in 2014 at 28 years old, Riddle was a successful MMA fighter with a record of 8-3 and two no contests, one of which was because Riddle tested positive for marijuana.

While The Blue Meanie never held a title during his ECW or WWE career, he’s a well-respected veteran that knew how to entertain the fans. Whether he was an obnoxious heel that was hanging around Raven or a babyface that was trying to prove himself, the Blue Meanie always put on a show.

The Blue Meanie also competed in a battle royal in MLW this year, he was an ROH battle royal in 2020 and had his last singles match against Richard Holliday in February.

As for Riddle, he will be part of the WWE Draft that begins this Friday on Smackdown and continues Monday on Raw. Even though he’s a Raw Tag Team Champion, he could be drafted to Smackdown, which would make things complicated…bro.

H/T WrestleZone