Drew Gulak Still With WWE, Accused Of Bullying

Drew Gulak makes his entrance

Drew Gulak has been accused of bullying by other WWE talents.

The controversy surrounding Drew Gulak continues, despite the fact the NXT star doesn’t have a long-term or even medium-term term with WWE.

Back in April, Ronda Rousey accused Gulak of misconduct, and it was widely reported he was expected to lose his job as a result. However, despite the storm on social media, Gulak remained with WWE, and according to a new report, he’s still under contract, although he won’t be for much longer.

During the post-Backlash press conference, Triple H hit back at reports suggesting Drew Gulak had been released, instead claiming his contract hasn’t been renewed.

In a further report, Fightful Select noted that while it’s true Gulak’s contract hasn’t been renewed, he’ll remain with WWE until his deal expires in June. Regarding claims that the incident with Rousey played a role in his impending exit, Corey Brennan noted that it did trigger an investigation but it “wasn’t a determining factor” in his departure.

Drew Gulak “Verbally Reprimanded” By Shawn Michaels

While the incident with Rousey might not have been behind Gulak leaving WWE, it’s emerged there were a series of troubling claims that were.

The report from Fightful also included claims from “several talents” that Gulak was a “bully” who would deliberately target injuries being carried by fellow stars. One talent claimed Gulak tried to re-dislocate one of their fingers, while another said he would try to intimidate colleagues into not reporting incidents.

There was also an incident where Gulak was “verbally reprimanded” during a taping in 2023 for “intentionally spiking an opponent during a match.”

Another talent who worked with Gulak said he was “odd” and would often try to “test” others to gauge their reaction to his bullying.