WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls How They Hurt People With Their Finisher

WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls How They Hurt People With Their Finisher

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts addressed concerns surrounding the safety of his signature move, the DDT, shedding light on potential dangers associated with its execution.

In an episode of his podcast, The Snake Pit, Roberts candidly discussed instances where wrestlers attempted to enhance the impact of the DDT, sometimes with perilous consequences. Roberts acknowledged that some performers, in a bid to make the move appear more impactful, would push themselves over during the manoeuvre, resulting in dangerous landings on their heads.

Unintentionally, yeah. You know guys trying to, there was a period of time when guys wanted to do more for the bump. And they would push themselves over, and they land on their head. Which, I was strictly against it because it’s gonna mess up your neck.

During the podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer expressed his disapproval of such practices, emphasising the importance of executing the DDT safely to avoid injury. He recalled his strict stance against altering the move, warning of the potential damage it could inflict on the neck if mishandled. Roberts stressed the importance of adhering to the move’s original form, stating:

But some people, you just can’t get through to them, man. And they try to make it something other than what it is. My thought is don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

Reflecting on the inherent risks associated with the DDT, Roberts highlighted the potential for serious injury if the move is not performed correctly. He recounted instances where wrestlers had suffered significant neck injuries due to mishaps during the execution of the manoeuvre. However, Roberts did not disclose the names of those affected, stating:

It’s a good way for somebody to get seriously hurt bad yeah, there were a couple of guys that jammed their necks pretty well. I don’t remember their names. I just remember it happening.

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