Major WWE Star Admits They Deserved To Be Fired

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Drew McIntyre is a WWE Superstar for the foreseeable future but things were not always so good for the former World Heavyweight Champion and he admits that was his fault.

Back on April 27th, The Rock announced that Drew McIntyre had finally signed a new WWE contract. It’s since been reported that the new deal is for “big money” across three years.

There had been a great amount of speculation around McIntyre’s future stretching back 12 months, with some suggestions he wasn’t 100% happy with his WWE standing. However, any unrest has been overcome, and McIntyre is now looking to the future.

Drew McIntyre Takes Blame For WWE Firing

Once upon a time though, it was a very different story for McIntyre and in 2014 the choice about his future was taken out of his hands when he was released by WWE.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Drew McIntyre reflected on that time in his career and admitted he deserved to be let go:

I was fired in 2014 by WWE and I deserved to get fired. I needed to get fired to truly find myself, and 10 years later The Rock’s announcing that Drew McIntyre re-signed with WWE. For anyone out there who’s made it and then you get knocked down in your butt, you got to keep fighting.

You got to keep pushing forward. You got to leave no stone unturned. Put the work in, be accountable to the person in the mirror. You can do freaking anything. I’ve done it time and time again and this is the most recent incident of it.

After signing his latest deal Drew McIntyre denied he ever wanted to leave WWE and admitted he’s staying put as he’s figured out how to politic himself to the top of the company.