Ric Flair Admits He And Triple H No Longer Speak

Ric Flair and Triple H

Wrestling legend Ric Flair has revealed that he no longer speaks to his former teammate and long-time friend Triple H.

Triple H and Ric Flair’s friendship goes back to the early 2000’s when the two were part of the now-legendary stable, Evolution, alongside Randy Orton and Batista.

During this time, Flair managed Triple H on television and became a mentor to ‘The Game’ behind the scenes. Even after their on-screen partnership ended, the two often spoke of their mutual love and respect for each other.

Ric Flair has often described Triple H as one of his best friends, even when he was not part of WWE.

Now, speaking on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, ‘The Nature Boy’ admitted that he and ‘The King of Kings’ haven’t spoken in some time. When asked about Triple H’s current absence from WWE, Flair said he didn’t know what was happening as he never hears from his former friend.

In recent months, Triple H has stepped back from his WWE after undergoing heart surgery in September 2021.

“I have no idea either,” Flair said, regarding Triple H’s current standing with WWE. “He and I were incredibly close and now I never hear from him so I don’t know.”

On the same episode, Flair weighed in on the speculation surrounding Vince McMahon potentially returning to the ring at 76 years old. The Hall of Famer said he thought it was great and that McMahon was leading the way for older performers.

“I think it’s great that he’s doing it. He’s making a statement for all of us that are older. I could wrestle right now too but I’ve got blood thinners as a result of that blood clot so that kind of eliminates me from wrestling. I can get off them for a couple of days if I had to get in shape but I would never get in as good of shape as he does.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the above transcription.