Ric Flair Thinks Charlotte/Belair Could Be As Big As Rock/Austin

Ric Flair

Ric Flair has said that if built right he thinks a WrestleMania match between Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair could be as big as The Rock and Steve Austin.

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin built one of the most storied WrestleMania rivalries of all time during their heyday in the Attitude Era. The conflict began at WrestleMania 15 in 1999 when Austin unseated The Rock as the Corporate WWE Champion.

Two years later, the two men had their most memorable bout in the main event of the near-perfect WrestleMania 17. That night saw Austin come out on top once again but this time it was due to the Texas Rattlesnake shockingly siding with his former nemesis, Vince McMahon.

In 2003, with The Rock in full-on Hollywood mode, the two men met again at WrestleMania 19 in what turned out to be Steve Austin’s final match – barring his shock brawl 19 years later with Kevin Owens.

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair thinks two women could reach the heady heights that both The Rock and Steve Austin did on The Grandest Stage of them All – his daughter Charlotte Flair and current Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair:

“I have no inclination as to whether or not this will happen, but I think if Ashley [Charlotte Flair] wrestles Bianca Belair at WrestleMania, it’ll be as big as Austin and Rock if they build it right. They are the two best athletes ever, that I’ve seen in my career, to ever be in the same women’s division.”

“There are some other great workers, but for pure athletic ability, Bianca Belair and Ashley stand out. They could be the two best athletes in the company. I’m not kidding. Both are legitimate Division 1 athletes with credentials.”

h/t Fightful