Orange Cassidy Explains Why He Doesn’t Like AEW’s Expanding Roster

Orange Cassidy All Atlantic Champion

One of the ‘AEW Originals’ isn’t too happy about AEW’s roster constantly getting bigger and bigger.

Orange Cassidy has been with AEW since its first event, Double Or Nothing in 2019. He has spent years cultivating a vocal niche audience that loves his ‘lackadaisical’ approach to his matches.

The actual explanation of his gimmick is that he uses as little energy as possible in low-stakes matches and then shows a lot more effort and skill than normal when needed.

But despite his ‘low-effort’ style, Orange Cassidy was able to achieve quite a lot, including a run as the current AEW All-Atlantic Champion.

And yet, Orange Cassidy isn’t happy about having so many opponents in AEW. Speaking during an appearance on WBAL-TV 11, Cassidy gave one of his usual low-effort answers when asked about the ever-expanding size of AEW’s roster.

“A lot more people on the roster, a lot more people I have to fight. I liked it better when there wasn’t as many people for me to fight. But now that I have to fight all these new people, it’s tiring.”

As of November 1st, AEW’s roster includes 110 male wrestlers, 33 female wrestlers, and 10 non-wrestling on-air personalities. This also includes everyone who is injured, suspended, on leave, and on talent exchange with other companies.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription