Matt Hardy Says “Morale Is Really High” In AEW

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy feels that it is a “new era for AEW” and admits he is excited about “what the future holds”.

Hardy has been part of AEW since joining in 2020, and was joined by his brother Jeff Hardy in March last year.

During his time with the company, Hardy has seen growth as AEW battled through restrictions during Covid, to now in 2023 selling over 80,000 tickets to pack out Wembley Stadium and return to Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Following the recent sacking of CM Punk, restrictions between the roster appearing on Dynamite and Collision is no longer an issue.

The Two-Time TNA Heavyweight Champion feels there is a “unity” and that it will allow for more creativity now that the two shows can work in tandem.

Speaking on The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, the former ECW Champion shared his views on the current AEW roster and feelings backstage.

“It’s a new era for AEW, and I think it’s a good era where we’re not really gonna be necessarily having the split rosters and split shows, but I think they’re going to kind of work more in unity. There’s going to be a unison between these two shows, and people are gonna tell stories between them, and I think that’s a good thing to keep all options open.

So I’m excited about this new era. Morale is really, really high. Everybody’s happy. It’s a great team effort. Everybody’s working together. There’s no one there that is unhappy. So it’s a good time to be a part of AEW, and I’m very excited for what the future holds,”

WWE Star Could Be AEW Bound Following Matt Hardy Comments

Matt Hardy recently shared how he felt a former Champion in WWE could be a huge star if he made the move top AEW.

Hardy was discussing Shelton Benjamin, who last week was released by WWE following the completion of the Endeavour take over.

Benjamin had been part of WWE since 2002, and was on a list of over 100 members of staff who were given notice on September 21st.

The former Intercontinental Champion thanked fans and colleagues on social media before stating “Something ends, something new Begins. Looking forward to my next Chapter”.

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