Logan Paul Reveals Injury After WWE Crown Jewel Match

logan paul crown jewel wwe

Following his impressive performance at WWE Crown Jewel, Logan Paul revealed that he’s dealing with a potentially major knee injury.

The main event of WWE Crown Jewel saw Roman Reigns defending the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Logan Paul, who was wrestling in just the third match of his WWE career.

While Reigns was confident that he was going to easily defeat the athletic YouTube star, Logan kept on impressing the audience with all the incredible moves he could do including a Blockbuster neckbreaker, a Frog Splash off the top rope through a table and another Frog Splash in the ring for a two count. Logan also hit “one lucky punch” which WWE mentioned many times in the build-up to the match.

After it looked like Logan might win the match, The Usos showed up to beat two of Logan’s friends sitting at ringside. Tha led to Logan’s brother Jake Paul going out to the ring for the first time and he took care of The Usos with some punches. Solo Sikoa wanted to get at Jake, but they were kept apart by referees and officials.

Logan decided to make sure The Usos were neutralized so he he hit a dive over the top to take them out on the floor. However, that proved to be a mistake in strategy because that allowed Reigns to get back up and when he did, the Tribal Chief nailed Logan with a Superman Punch. That was followed by a Spear by Reigns, who covered Logan to retain his titles in a 25-minute thriller.

On Twitter, Logan shared this photo and message describing his right knee injury.

torn meniscus, MCL & potentially ACL happened halfway through the match. keep y’all updated

A torn meniscus and MCL will likely require surgery and rehab that would put Logan on the shelf for a few months. If it’s a torn ACL as well, then that’s a 7-9 month injury at least or potentially more. Bayley tore his ACL in the summer of 2021 and took a full year to get back into the ring. Everybody heals differently, of course. (Update: On Instagram, Logan seemed to be more sure that the ACL was torn, but there will likely be further testing.)

After his incredible performance at Crown Jewel, Logan Paul likely earned the respect of the WWE Universe if he didn’t have it already. Considering he performed the second-half match with a serious knee injury makes it all the more impressive.

Everybody here at TJRWrestling wishes Logan the best in his recovery from that brutal right knee injury.