Kurt Angle Discusses WrestleMania 38 Performance He Didn’t Expect

Kurt Angle waves to the crowd on the WrestleMania entranceway

Whilst making plenty of WrestleMania moments during his career, Kurt Angle has picked out one competitor from this year’s spectacle who impressed him more than he expected.

Taking place over two nights in Texas, WrestleMania 38 had plenty of standout moments to savour. From the in-ring returns of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Vince McMahon to victories for the likes of Bianca Belair and Roman Reigns, there was plenty to be taken away from ‘the most stupendous’ WrestleMania of all time.

However, speaking on his Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall Of Famer singled out someone else as having a performance that surprised him the most, especially for someone who isn’t a full-time wrestler.

Kurt Angle heaped praise on Pat McAfee after his performances against Austin Theory and the WWE Chairman.

Pat McAfee was the surprise performance at WrestleMania. I would’ve never expected him to do what he did, that was pretty amazing, especially for a non-wrestler.

That jump to the top rope was impressive, and then the superplex? Wow! He has some good leaps, he’s a great athlete.

In contrast to the praise for the appearance, Kurt Angle recently singled out one of his own contests as being a “complete mess”.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.