Jim Cornette Would Have “Taken Care Of The Situation” For Former AEW Star

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has gone to bat for someone who was recently released from AEW, also giving praise for his talents in the ring.

Having not appeared on AEW television since the beginning of August 2022, it was reported a month later that Bobby Fish had been let go by the company. His last appearance came alongside his former Undisputed Era teammates Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly.

It turns out that Jim Cornette would have stepped in if he had a role within the company, who spoke on his Experience Podcast to heap praise on Bobby Fish’s capabilities.

Well, I hate to hear this because I like Bobby Fish, worked with him, you know, briefly in Ring of Honor. He’s an older guy. He’s older than the rest of this group. I thought he’s more mature. He’s an excellent talent, as he’s trained a lot in kickboxing, MMA or whatever.

In a discussion on the Undisputed Podcast, Bobby Fish discussed the recent backstage turmoil involving CM Punk and The Elite, even going so far as to challenge former two-time AEW World Champion Punk to a shoot fight.

Jim Cornette discussed how he would have stepped in to change the direction for Fish if he was in charge, as well as discussing his comments regarding the CM Punk controversy.

I hate to hear that you know, but he was obviously part of the Undisputed Elite, and I guess he’s done a bunch of pro wrestling chimpanzee shows out in Rancho Cucamonga. So he’s on their side but I mean, you know, I guess it’s good to get attention and he’s making a statement that ‘Hey, if I’d have been there…’ Which probably makes them sorry they didn’t go to bat for him more, ‘But if I’d have been there I would have taken care of the situation…’

I was about to say then you know that if so and so had been involved we get to a 12 Man then we have to do the football field f*ckery match, but it’s nice to Bobby to say that and take up for his friends I guess.

But obviously it’s ridiculous and a lot of people will go well yeah, he probably would kick Punk’s ass because Punk lost in UFC. Again a) Bobby fish never fought in the UFC. And b) Punk ain’t gotta fight anybody for f*cking free because he’s making seven figures a year to be the AEW World Champion and he just got hurt accidentally. He’s not going to fight anybody for free. So it’s a grandstand challenge.

CM Punk was stripped of the AEW World Championship on the 7th September 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite, with signs pointing to him being done with the company.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.