Jim Cornette Blasts “Irresponsible” AEW Grand Slam Bump

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has taken exception to a scary moment on AEW Rampage Grand Slam that saw one of the company’s stars crash and burn in a scary way.

In New York City, Rampage Grand Slam saw Sting and Darby Allin team up to face off with The House of Black duo of Buddy Matthews and Brody King. The House of Black was accompanied as ever by the group’s newest recruit, Julia Hart.

As the match reached its conclusion Buddy Matthews had Sting prone before Japanese legend The Great Muta made a surprise appearance. Muta spat his famed poison mist in Matthews’ face and that sent Matthews staggering into Julia Hart who was on the apron and subsequently sent her crashing to the floor, just barely hitting the table that had been set up at ringside.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette took issue with the bump that could have left Julia Hart seriously injured:

“Muta mists Buddy Murphy, Buddy Murphy [Matthews] staggers backwards. And Julia [Hart] is on the apron. And Buddy bumps into Julia. And Julia is supposed to get knocked off the apron and go through a table on the floor to the floor. Which as I mentioned, is stupid enough, there’s no reason for that. There was no reason for this 120-pound 20-year-old girl to go through a f*cking table to a concrete floor as a spot on the B show.”

“The mist was enough, we got to see Muta do the mist. But she didn’t do that spot. Anyway, what she did was she leaped backwards like the nasty plunge bump that Cactus Jack took against Mil Mascaras in Corpus Christi at Clash of Champions and miss the table.”

“I don’t know what kind of tables they’re using these days, because her little tiny ass hit the far edge of the table and broke a chunk out of it, but her entire body including the back of her f*cking head went straight past the table flat back on the concrete floor.”

“If you slow-mo this, you will realise that the back of her head missed the iron or steel guard railing by maybe a couple of inches. And then at that velocity, going at that speed, at that angle, if the back of her head had hit the guardrail, it would have snapped her neck and she would have died on the spot. I’m surprised that she doesn’t have a concussion.”

“I mean, well, she’s tweeted that she’s okay, whatever that means, she tweeted that this morning. I’m okay. Well, does okay mean you’re living but you can no longer see? I mean, I don’t know what but that was [Co-host Brian Last mentions it was taped Wednesday] Okay, well, there you go. Oh, well, because they didn’t say anything so far, because they didn’t want to ruin the surprise of what was going to happen. But when everybody saw it, and she trended like is Julia Hart still alive, she had to say something. The point is, it’s irresponsible.”

h/t Inside The Ropes