Jim Cornette Addresses Adam Page’s Recent Comments

Adam Page walking to ring

Jim Cornette has responded to recent comments made by AEW’s Adam Page about not taking advice from the company’s coaches.

During a recent appearance at GalaxyCon, former AEW World Champion Adam Page was asked about advice he’d been given by coaches in the promotion.

The Hangman admitted he wasn’t really one to take advice because of his stubbornness, although he does hear people out.

“Oh boy, I don’t know, I’m stubborn, I don’t take advice. It’s a good question and that’s probably the honest answer. I listen to people say things, but very rarely do I listen hard.

“I was part of the movement that created the entire company and I’m a world champion. I don’t know that I need their advice. I’ll certainly listen, but there is something to be said about trial and error and doing it on our own. I take more pride in that.”

Now, speaking on his Experience podcast, legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette has taken issue with Adam Page’s comments, saying he does need the advice he’s being given.

“Page did an interview somewhere and then it was excerpted on Twitter and on the internet. Where they asked ‘well with all of the veterans and the great stars of the past and the people who have so much experience in this business like Jim Ross and Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Mark Henry and this guy, that guy does Page ask them for advice?’”

“And he said, ‘They may give me some advice every once in a while, yeah, I guess I listen… but really, I don’t think I need to ask for advice from these people because I’m part of the movement that started this company in this revolution. And we’ve done just fine. So do we really need that advice?’”

“Yeah, you butterfly jean wearing dipsh*t you really do need the advice, or else if you’d taken it you might actually be over now instead of a whiny little b*tch.”

H/T to Inside The Ropes for the above transcription.