Jeff Jarrett On Overcoming Addiction: “One Day At A Time”

Jeff Jarrett

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett has opened up about his battle with addiction.

Jarrett completed a stint in WWE sponsored rehab in late 2017, after numerous reports suggested he had appeared at recent shows under the influence. Since completing his program, Jarrett returned to WWE where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame and worked as a producer.

Speaking in a new interview with Spencer Love, Jeff Jarrett discussed how debilitating addiction can be. The former Intercontinental Champion explained that while it’s almost a cliché, all you can do is take it one day at a time.

“Well, that’s a whole other podcast, and we can get really as deep as you want. It’s maybe sound so cliché, but it is literally one day at a time. Understanding the disease of addiction. People can have cancer, they can have heart disease, they can have diabetes. There’s all kinds of different diseases that manifest themselves in different ways. The disease of addiction affects your brain and the part of the brain that controls behaviour. When you put on your, and I don’t want even going to call it a medical or scientific hat, but when you look at the disease of addiction through [that] lens, you understand not only how serious it is, but how debilitating.”

Jarrett continued, saying that while he’s “amazed” at the progress he’s made, he’s not about to let up.

“Those stories play out every day, whether it’s the wrestling industry, the legal industry, banking, you name it, the service industry, the numbers are staggering, especially coming out of COVID, of mental health and all that. I still stay amazed that for today, you know, as they say in cancer, I put that disease in remission. It’s there, it’s gonna be there. But guess what, there’s people that walk around with cancer every day. There’s people that walk around with all that, but I do the things that I feel that I’ve been taught necessary to do to stay sober, but only by the grace of God did I have that ability to learn that. I’m going to keep on keeping on, because before we rolled tape you were asking, ‘how’s life going?’ And I said, ‘Man, life is getting better and better, and just when I think it can’t get better, it gets better.’ I am – you can say blessed or lucky, or all the above, but that’s how I really feel.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Jarrett also discussed the rumoured, impending return to wrestling of CM Punk.

The wrestler turned producer, promoter and podcaster, said that first and foremost he’s just excited at the prospect of Punk coming back. Jarrett explained that if Punk does return in the coming weeks and days, it will undoubtedly be a “special moment.”