Jeff Jarrett On IMPACT Re-Branding “Disaster”

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett has giving a damning opinion of the decision to rebrand TNA as IMPACT Wrestling, claiming the move was “a disaster”.

Having formed TNA with his father Jerry back in 2002, Jeff Jarrett has had plenty to say about how the company transformed over the years as it celebrated two decades in existence with Slammiversary on 19th June 2022.

Although the company now runs under the IMPACT Wrestling banner, there is plenty of links to the original days of the company such as still acknowledging the title lineage back to the TNA days.

Speaking on his My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett has commented on how the change in name wasn’t an easy process to go through.

TNA never went, and look, I was the biggest supporter, but it never went away. It was still there. Yes, they changed it to IMPACT Wrestling, but then TNA was still there because the international folks told Dixie [Carter], ‘You’re shooting yourselves in the foot. TNA is what is selling around the world. It doesn’t have the same double entendre outside of the US.

Jarrett went on to discuss how the move turned out to be a disaster, causing confusion between the two names rather than there being a single on-screen brand.

You’ve branded this for seven years and eight years and nine years. TNA equity’s there. The live event department told Dixie, ‘No, IMPACT is the name of the TV show.’ Hindsight’s always 20/20, but that was a disaster, the rebranding of TNA in every sense, because it was never, it was half-a** done on every level. Even on TV, because there was still a TNA Championship, but IMPACT Wrestling was the name of the [show].

Jeff Jarrett has now returned to WWE, and recently discussed his executive role within the organisation.

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