Jeff Hardy Talks the Hardy Boyz Returning to WWE; One Final Feud With the Dudley Boyz

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Jeff Hardy appeared as a guest on the latest edition of Ric Flair’s WOOOOO! Nation podcast. During the interview, Hardy discussed various topics including: an update on his physical health, how long he’ll most likely be out of action for, wanting to end his career in the WWE, the possibility of the Hardy Boyz returning to the WWE, and wanting to have one final feud with the Dudley Boyz.

Hardy’s comments on attempting to wrestle with a knee brace, needing surgery at the beginning of next year, and how he’ll probably miss out on most of 2016:

“I’m going to try to wrestle with this brace on in January. I say I’m going to see what it feels like, but I’m kind of scared, honestly, to see what it (feels like) because I don’t want to hurt it worse. But I’m going to give it a shot. I think I’m going to try a few easy matches and just see how it feels. I’m just going to avoid landing on my knees and maybe not doing as many moves I normally do and just see how it goes. But ultimately, I’m going to end up having the surgery sometime early next year and, sadly, I’ll probably be missing most of 2016.”

Hardy’s thoughts on the possibility of the Hardy Boyz returning to the WWE and taking on the Dudley Boyz one last time:

“I think there’s a huge possibility down the road. I’m not sure when, but I think both Matt and myself would love to end our careers in the WWE and it’d be super, double great to be able to have a few more good ones with the Dudley Boyz, for sure. As far as us returning (to WWE) and having some more matches with them, it all depends on how long they’re going to be there and how long it takes us to get there. I mean, but, definitely, it’s a possibility. I’m just not sure when right now.”

Hardy goes on to discuss wanting to main event WrestleMania before he retires, what he considers to be his WrestleMania moment, and much more. You can click here to listen to this episode of the WOOOOO! Nation podcast in its entirety. Thank you WrestlingInc for the quotes.

Mark’s reaction: These comments from Jeff are nice to hear as I’ve always been a big Jeff Hardy fan and always thought he could have been a huge single’s star (bigger than what he was) if he hung around in the WWE. Jeff always had a rare quality about him in that he connected with practically every demographic: adults, women, teenagers, and children. It’s a shame that he couldn’t break his substance abuse problem, but that doesn’t excuse him from ever returning. Yes, there are only so many times you can violate WWE’s wellness policy before they have to let you go. However, once a certain amount of time has passed the WWE can re-evaluate the talent and decide whether or not they’d like to resign the wrestler.

The Hardy Boyz were such a quintessential part of the Attitude Era and the tag-team division, so it would be great to see them have one last run in the WWE. Since Jeff said he’d be out of action for most of 2016, this ptential return wouldn’t happen until 2017. I don’t know if the Dudley Boyz will still be around on a full-time basis by then, but I definitely don’t think seeing the Dudley Boyz vs. the Hardy Boyz in 2017 it too far-fetched. I’d like to see it again for nostalgia purposes, but I’d much rather see the Hardy’s mix it up with the tag teams on Raw and NXT like the New Day, Lucha Dragons, the Usos, a returning Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, Dash and Dawson, Gable and Jordan, Enzo and Big Cass, and the Vaudevillians.

Would you like to see the Hardy Boyz return to the WWE? Would you like to see one last feud between the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz, or would you rather see them take on the newer teams? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.