Hulk Hogan On Who He Believes Is The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is a man who many would put on their Mount Rushmore of wrestling – oftentimes at number one. However, the Hulkster has dismissed claims that he’s the greatest of all time, and instead named Ric Flair as his greatest ever!

In an interview with WWE UK, the Hulkster was asked how he feels when people call him the greatest of all time, and Hogan humbly responded.

“Well, you know, I will gracefully accept and acknowledge that compliment because it means so much, especially coming from my peers, to say that. The guy who is my hero, and who I think is the greatest wrestler of all time, that’s Ric Flair. So I do appreciate the comment but I have a different opinion about who is the best wrestler and the greatest of all time, I have to go with Flair. It’s in his blood… He laid the groundwork. He raised the bar that no one has really been able to follow as far as work ethic.”

Meanwhile, Ric Flair also spoke with WWE UK and had high praise for the Hulkster – calling him one of three men who stand out when it comes to the most “famous” people ever to be part of WWE.

“I think Hulk is one of two or three guys that are the most famous people to ever be around, part of, or participate in the history of WWE. The others being, in my estimation, Steve Austin and The Undertaker. The three of them, I think, stand out more than anybody I can think of. Any time I had the opportunity to wrestle Hulk was an opportunity to be in the ring with the flagship of WWE. I could list four or five other guys too but he was the ‘Golden Goose’ and he represented everything that the company wanted and not only competed at the highest level, he was the Make-a-Wish king long before it was recognized as much publicly as it is now. He took time for the kids at every show. He worked hard and he just represented. I was thrilled to even have the opportunity to work against him.”

While Hulk Hogan returned to WWE television as one of the hosts of WrestleMania 37, Ric Flair recently left the company. Flair who had been disgruntled with recent storylines, later explained that he held no ill-will towards WWE.