Gangrel On Edge’s Amazing Brood Entrance At SummerSlam

Edge turned back the clock to his early days in WWE at SummerSlam using his old group The Brood’s entrance, and now his former partner has reacted to the spectacle.

The Rated-R Superstar was taking part in his first SummerSlam bout since 2010 when he faced off with Seth Rollins at The Biggest Party Of The Summer. Rollins had cost Edge the chance to win the WWE Universal Title from Roman Reigns at Money In The Bank but the grudge between the two men goes back a lot longer than that.

In late 2014, Seth Rollins was a desperate man after his beloved Authority of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had been booted from power after Team Cena defeated Team Authority at Survivor Series. With Cena, the only man that could bring back the dreaded duo it looked like WWE was free and clear of the authoritarian regime. However, Rollins saw his opportunity when a medically retired Edge made an appearance on Raw.

Rollins, flanked by J&J Security as well as Kane and The Big Show took Edge down and threatened to deliver his dreaded Stomp onto a steel chair. This left Cena with the dilemma to either acquiesce to Rollins’ demands or leave his old rival at risk of permanent damage. Cena eventually caved and stopped any potential harm coming to Edge but Edge had clearly not forgotten the ordeal when he came face to face with Rollins on SmackDown in recent weeks.

Before SummerSlam with the two men on a collision course, Edge went back to the late nineties when he was part of The Brood. Rollins was covered in a black, oozy substance in what was termed a ‘Brood Bath’ – a take on the old Blood Baths that The Brood and its leader, the vampiric Gangrel dished out to opponents.

At SummerSlam, rather than Edge walking to the ring to his usual theme music, he walked to the ring to The Brood’s music, emerging up through the stage and walking through flames to get his hands on Rollins.

Now Gangrel has reacted to the entrance on social media, saying simply:

“I absolutely loved it”

Also, if you haven’t seen a classic Brood entrance in a long time, here’s a reminder of what it was like when Gangrel, Edge and Christian entered the arena in the Brood days.