Former WCW Nitro Girl Launches New Business

The WCW Nitro Girls were a fixture of the Monday Night Wars and now a former Nitro Girl has announced a new product.

While WCW was in a fierce battle with WWE in the late 19990s into the early 2000s, the Nitro Girls were seen as a break from the action like cheerleaders for a sports team. Some of the more well-known Nitro Girls were Kimberly Page (ex-wife of WCW legend Diamond Dallas Page), Stacy Keibler, Sharmell (who went on to marry Booker T), Spice and more.

Chae was one of the most popular girls and today she announced a new business that she was launching. The idea is to bring fuctionality and fashion together for what she is calling the Ring Along system. They sent out a press release today:

Former WCW Nitro Girl Chae Launches Utility-Patented “Ring Along” System
Multi-purpose & versatile storage options for bags, Ring Along strikes with a Kickstarter campaign beginning on August 18

“Dallas, Texas (Sept 6) – One of the founding members of the popular WCW Nitro Girls, Chae today announced she is launching a new product to solve the lack of multi-purpose and versatile storage options for bags. Chae designed, developed, and created the innovative “Ring Along” system, which already carries a utility patent.”

“Ring Along Kickstarter campaign is currently live until September 25. One of the biggest issues in the industry is that most bags only cater to functionality or fashion. The Ring Along system delivers both, functionality and fashion.”

Chae commented on her new business:

“My homemade Ring Along pouches helped me so much, especially with my kids’ from infancy to now with school and sports. I’ve always wanted to share the idea, but the fear of failure kept me for years from taking the first step for many years.”

“When I reminded myself of the courage and grit it must have taken my parents to bring their three children to the U.S. without knowing how to speak English and very limited money … that really helped push me forward with the Ring Along System.”

Photo Credit: Chae Marsh

To support Chae’s new business you can find her Kickstarter right here and go to the website now.