Former IMPACT Star Sets Title Belts On Fire

IMPACT Wrestling Logo over fire

A former IMPACT Wrestling star has gone to extreme lengths to make his point in a pay dispute with a promoter as they set two championship belts on fire.

Jake Crist previously worked for IMPACT Wrestling between 2017 and 2020 as part of the Ohio Versus Everything stable alongside Sami Callihan and his brother Dave. The Crist Brothers held the IMPACT Tag Team Championship on one occasion with Jake also winning the X Division Title during his time in the company.

Now back on the independent scene, Jake Crist is the current IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion but the relationship with Crist and the promotion run by Ian Rotten appears to have come to a fiery end.

Crist issued a statement on social media addressing the issues he was having around being paid by the company:

“This is as real as it gets. I’ve given Ian and IWA Midsouth WEEKS to make right. Only to get excuses or down right ghosted. For the past few years, I’ve done everything in my power to help, just to be another causality [sic] on the list of people Ian has screwed over. From paying people out of my own pocket to make sure other younger talent gets paid. To legit giving Ian money out of my payday to make good with others.”

“How many times will we all fall for these BS excuses. How many times will the hard work of others only be benefitting to Ian. Just close your doors, and get a job. Enough is enough.”

Now Jake Crist has gone one step further as he has shared a video of him setting the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight Title belts ablaze while sending another message to Ian Rotten:

“Ian Rotten, I’ve given you three and a half, almost four weeks now, it’s probably been four weeks!” Crist exclaimed. “I’ve given you a f*cking month to give me my money. Now that you’ve burnt this bridge, I think I have a little burning to do myself.”