EC3 On Infamous Undertaker Vs. Goldberg Match Being “Kinda Messy”

Undertaker vs. Goldberg, Super Showdown

Former WWE Superstar EC3 has recalled Goldberg’s reaction to his match with The Undertaker which became infamous for all the wrong reasons.

The match between the former WCW Champion and ‘The Dead Man’ took place at Super ShowDown in June 2019, with things getting off to a bad start when Goldberg managed to bust himself open during his entrance. Unfortunately, the match itself went downhill very quickly as well.

Speaking on on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Outlaws show EC3, who was on the plane alongside Goldberg following the contest, has given his take on the match and how hard it must have been knowing the match went so badly.

Goldberg got concussed twice. It was kinda like an epic match, but it didn’t go according to great standards per se. It got kinda messy and ‘Taker almost got hurt. Goldberg was knocked out, and I remember on the plane how this affects guys even at the very top of their game or who have been to the top of the mountain, a performance that you’re not satisfied with, and then 18 hours to think about it alone in the darkness.

EC3 continued, explaining how it was clear Goldberg had taken what had happened to heart.

I remember just seeing Goldberg’s face. Just so mad at himself. I know he took a lot of things personally, especially when it came to being in the ring. But, dude, you made it so many times already, you’re such a success. No one’s gonna remember the mess-ups. Be happy with who you are, be happy with your career. But I remember just him being really upset.

There was plenty in the match which went wrong, including The Undertaker dropping Goldberg legitimately on his head with a tombstone piledriver, but not before Goldberg had gone for the jackhammer which ended up turning in to a brainbuster on ‘The Dead Man’.

With thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.