Dominik Mysterio’s First Match As Part Of The Judgment Day Announced

Damian Priest Dominik Mysterio Rhea Ripley Finn Balor The Judgment Day

Dominik Mysterio is sporting a new look as he’s officially joined The Judgment Day, and he has a blockbuster match set for next week!

The September 5th episode of Monday Night Raw opened with WWE Hall of Famer Edge addressing Dominik Mysterio and calling out the young star for his actions at Clash at the Castle. On that occasion, Dominik initially helped Edge and Rey Mysterio secure a victory over Damian Priest and Finn Balor of The Judgment Day – but after the match, he seemed to snap as he didn’t feel enough gratitude when his father was celebrating with Edge.

While he didn’t officially align with The Judgment Day on that night, the three members of the faction could be seen mocking their foes from ringside, having the last laugh even though they were defeated in the match.

On Raw, Edge made it clear that he always saw Dominik Mysterio as a nephew – but he realized now that the young Mysterio didn’t have the same familial reverence for the Rated R Superstar, and as such, Edge didn’t want to view him as the kid he watched grow up. Instead, he wanted to treat Dominik like a WWE Superstar, and called out the young star in order to deliver a beating. However, he was met instead by Rey Mysterio, who begged for his son to be given another chance as he still loved him.

Edge and Rey Mysterio were answered by Rhea Ripley, who gloated about making Dominik into a man before introducing him into the arena with a brand new look. The young star was dressed in all black and had his signature mullet slicked down with a side part.

Despite Rey Mysterio trying to reconcile with his son, the four members of The Judgment Day proceeded to attack him. Edge got the worst of the beating, with Damian Priest and Finn Balor attacking his already-weakened knee and sending him to a local medical facility.

Later in the episode, after Damian Priest was able to defeat Rey Mysterio in singles action, Rhea Ripley once again took to the microphone and declared that Dominik Mysterio will be facing Edge on next week’s episode of Raw.