DDP On WWE Legend He Would Have Liked To Wrestle


DDP wishes that he could have wrestled one of the most legendary of them all.

Recently making an appearance on SiriusXM for an interview with “Busted Open Radio,” Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) spoke about his career, and despite how successful it was, DDP feels that one thing is missing. DDP brought up how he was once the WCW People’s Champion, and how he wished he and The Rock had a match for the title.

“I wouldn’t change a thing, not even the way I came into WWE. Wasn’t my favorite. … But, you know, coming in there and not getting what I wanted; People’s Champion versus People’s Champion, you know, it’s why I’ve been so successful following that, you know? The biggest lesson I’ve learned is you can’t be afraid to walk away from the table when you know you’ve got something.”

In other DDP-related news, it’s also been spreading throughout the professional wrestling news cycle how Diamond Dallas Page compared Roman Reigns to Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

“And to me, they are their own thing. Again, this is something that is hard to do. You know, once especially The Four Horsemen had their thing, and the NWO had their things. So everything will be compared to that, but this is different. And I was sort of bummed Jake wasn’t here today, because I wanted to talk about this.

When you listen to Roman talk he has, it’s his own thing, but it’s kind of reminiscent of Jake a little bit. Where you don’t ever hear Roman yell. You don’t hear him like, he will tune it up, but he keeps that composure that Jake could do. You know, and it’s different. And the way he’s doing it, like I listened to him and I watch him. Like man, he is the man. And that’s why Drew didn’t beat him. Because he wasn’t ready to walk away.

He might have less dates or whatever, but he didn’t want to have to do anything. He’s in that spot. And I love Paul E there. You know, love Heyman because he plays his part. You talk about knowing your role, every one of those guys knows their role.

You know, it cracked me up and again, bringing out the Original Bro, bringing out Riddle. I was like, Oh, this is going so good. I was afraid it was going to screw it up, but it didn’t. Because as soon as Sami got involved with that. Like that whole thing. That was really, really well done.”

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